I See Heaven

Photo courtesy of Takenbytina ’12 (She said some people see a cloud. Some people see a masterpiece. Written below is what I told her I see.)

I see Heaven and hear God’s voice speak to me. He’s telling me that the souls of those that have gone before me are safe and waiting. When it’s my time, I will ascend and be free from sadness, sorrow and pain. That I will feel so much love and belonging, I will be overwhelmed by the joy of it. And I will know that every trial that I went through on Earth was worth the wait of Heaven.

4 thoughts on “I See Heaven

  1. I hope you are right about heaven Renee.. But what if?.. Just what if..
    My faith tells me that your view is the right one and that your description of what is to come is what things will be like, but what if that’s not so….
    What is our purpose here for our 3 score years and ten? If we get to the end and that’s it?
    Sorry sparkly,bad day today thinking about stuff and remembering:-(
    You have a lovely way of looking at things and I do so hope you are right 🙂
    Back to normal tomorrow.
    Love n hugs xxx

    • Oh my dear Seadog. I have doubts some days too. But my faith is strong. I believe there is more than just “this”. That there has to be more. There has to be a reward for living and that is our reward in Heaven.

      I pray your day is better tomorrow my sweet friend.

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