The Singing Butler

I live in a world of heartbreak… I just seem to be more creative when I’m in some kind of emotional distress.-Jack Vettriano

There Tracy and I stood in the gallery gazing at the original painting of The Singing Butler. We held hands. Because that made us feel closer. We smelled the salt in the air. We felt it on our skin, and in our hair. We could hear the sound of the surf in our ears. We saw the maid and the butler with the umbrellas, but we held none. We reveled in the rain. The sweet mist that covered our skin with the sea salt in the air. We saw the couple dancing, and their embrace. We couldn’t see her face, but we knew she was ravishing. For how could a man, a simple man in morning clothes want to dance with her on the beach, in the rain? His love for her must have been immeasurable.

So there Tracy and I stood. And felt what they felt. And knew the love that those two dancers knew. For we felt it ever day with the men that loved us. How we wished to be that ravishing, dark haired woman. But then, we already were.

18 thoughts on “The Singing Butler

    • Thanks for your comment and for the follow. If you aren’t that dark haired woman yet, I hope you will be soon. I hope someone loves you that much to dance with you on a sandy beach in the rain.

  1. I’ve never seen that picture before Renee, but I will remember it now.
    You put a perspective on the picture that I hadn’t / wouldn’t have thought about unless I had read your entry.
    “But then we already were”.. love it!
    For me it’s the other way round. i’m the gent dancing with my ravishing partner on the beach.. only she’s got blonde hair.
    Thanks for posting this Renee πŸ™‚
    love n hugs

    • Thanks for the kind words Seadog. I love this painting as much as Starry Night. Hmmmm I might have to write a story to that painting. I’ve seen that one up close and personal. It’s beautiful. And I’m glad you have your beauty. Ain’t love grand?

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