With Her Words She Healed Him

Michelle and Michael touched each other in a way that best friends never should. Then again, they never really did touch. However, for one night they gave each other what they needed because they knew their connection was strong. They knew that they could trust each other. That is until Michelle fell for Michael. She had became lost in his words. She believed him when he said she was beautiful. He awakened her soul and her body. Then, she being the silly girl she was, she swooned so hard, she fell and broke her tender heart.

Michelle was online late one night chatting with friends and playing some boring online solitaire game. She saw Michael’s message pop up and responded to him immediately. It always made her heart skip a beat when she saw the green light appear next to his avatar on her social network page.

“You there?”, he asked.

“Of course I am, aren’t I always?” Michelle responded.

“Want to chat for a bit?”, Michael asked.

What a dumb question for him to ask. Of course she wanted to chat with him. She longed to see his words appear in the private message window. He was her best friend, but she loved him too. A little too much sometimes.

“Honey, you know we never chat for a bit”, she said.

He responded with little smiley emoticons. Then they talked about life. How their families were. What was going on at work. About their idiosyncrasies that their spouses never understood.  For some reason they always “got” each other though.  Michelle thought about how over the years they built a great friendship and a strong emotional bond. Michael felt it too. He’d made sure to tell her as much.

They always bantered sexually. It was typical for them to do that. Michelle always felt safe with him. Needed, necessary, smart, and loved. Like she mattered. Michelle had been drinking vodka, so her tongue, words, and body felt loose. Their messaging turned to more intimate talk. More sexual than usual. More primal.  They discussed their sadness over not being touched in such a long time. Of needing to be needed. Desiring to be desired. They wondered what was wrong with them. They kept questioning why. Then Michelle let the vodka take over and started talking dirty.

Michelle asked, “What are you wearing?”

Michael responded, “Pajama pants. You?”

She said, “I’m fully clothed, but I can take something off if you want.”

He said, “Make yourself comfortable and take everything off.”

She laughed and then typed, “Of course I will, I love being naked.”

He responded, “Great, now I have a hard on.”

“Good”, was all she said in response.

Here she was a little drunk, sitting naked in the living room and chatting with her best friend. For some reason it felt right. Like it’s what she was meant to do. She’d always healed with her body, even if it was virtually.

She asked, “What do you want me to do?”

He said, “I haven’t been touched in so long and neither have you. Let’s take care of each other tonight.”

Michelle was scared but knew that she wanted to please him. To please herself. She longed to have him touch her, make her feel alive. Fuck her. But they belonged to others. Michael loved Michelle, but never felt that spark that comes from love and longing. But this night he longed for her, even if it was virtually. So she gave him what he wanted. And ultimately what she wanted.

Michelle said, “I’ve never done this before, please tell me what to do.”

Michael said, “Talk to me like you usually do. Tell me what you’d do to me if you were here, naked, and in bed with me.”

She did. She told him all the things she would do to him. In vivid detail. She knew that it was affecting him because he had stopped typing.

She asked, “Honey are you still there?”

Michael said, “Of course, but you’ve made me feel so good and I’m so close, I can’t type anymore.”

Michelle said, “Then don’t type. I will. I’ll give you my words and you let go for me. I want you to feel me. Like I’m right there with you.”

She kept typing. She kept telling him things she’d do to him if she was in bed with him. She kept telling him that she loved him and wanted nothing more than to please him. To have him please her. He didn’t type anything for a few minutes, but that was okay. She just kept saying how much she wanted him. A few minutes later,  he typed the sweetest words she’d ever seen.

He said, “Thank you for giving me what I needed. You made me feel incredible.”

Michelle replied, “You know Michael, I’m always here for you. I love you.”

“Now it’s your turn”, he said.

She replied, “No honey, I’m good. Knowing that I helped you. That I made you feel good is pleasure enough for me.”

They said their thank yous, and I love yous.  Promised that what they did would never change their friendship and their bond. That night when Michael signed off,  she was still naked and alone. She re-read her words to him, touched herself and came.

At the crescendo of her orgasm, she  yelled to an empty room in all her nakedness and vulnerability, “Michael, I love you!”

When she was done, she saved their messages and then closed down the computer for the night. Threw on a t-shirt and boy shorts. Poured herself a Ketel One on the rocks and slammed it. Crawled into bed, laid there waiting for the let down of the alcohol and cried herself to sleep.

45 thoughts on “With Her Words She Healed Him

    • Thanks so much Marian. It was a heart breaker to write. I figure if I feel the story then my readers will too. Thanks for the kind words honey. They are always appreciated..

  1. that was fun. well done. but i want you to go up to the beginning where you said she fell for him “hook, line, and sinker.” and i’d like you to think of another way, your own way, to express that instead of using a cliché like that one. can you do that? of course you don’t have to. and of course you don’t need to care what i think. but i think you can do better than that for that sentence.

  2. [fighting to stuff tongue back into slack jawed face] Loved every second of it! So much so, I had to read it three times 😉 Don’t ever hesitate to write similar stories, my friend. you have the gift of being able to walk that fine line between lascivious and raunchy with style.

    • Kip I was waiting for your like and your comment. I knew it would be positive. I don’t want to write raunchy. Though I have to say I love erotic literature. I’m more for the sensual and sultry. I want the reader to feel the emotion of the couple, but I want them to interpret the how it makes them feel. I wanted it to be hot, sexy and sad. For some reason those kinds of stories are my forte. I also took the advice of my editor. I wrote the story, let it sit for a few hours, then edited it. Then just before I posted it, I edited it again. His advice worked. I’m not trying to sound arrogant, but I think it’s one of my most perfect stories. I hope I can write like this again. I do. Thanks for the love Kip, and thanks for telling me you read it three times. The last two paragraphs still make me cry.

      • I don’t like to read raunchy, either, but I like to read right on the edge of it. That’s why I loved it so much. Just enough to let you feel it, yet not enough to be a put-off. I can’t vouch for all your other writing ’cause I haven’t read it all, but I do believe that this one should be right up there. Those same two paragraphs did the same to me (and did again, just thinking about that feeling I know all too well).

      • It was a good story to write but I knew the ending would be sad. How many times have we felt that let down of unrequited love? Even though I’m married I’ve had crushes that have effected me. This story just resonates with me. So sad.

      • I don’t think I can count that high without taking my pants off (bad joke, lol). Obviously, it resonated with me, too. I don’t know why the sad stories are more my style than the happy ones, except that life isn’t all white knights/blonde princesses and happily ever afters. It wouldn’t be life if it was.

      • No Kip it isn’t. But life is generally good. And we get to write, every day if we want. That’s what makes it even better. With your references to White Knights and Blonde haired Princesses, I might just have to watch the Princess Bride. Have a good one my friend. Glad you’re here.

  3. Wow…so powerful, emotional, and yes erotic. Wonderful, as usual 🙂 I love your stories!!! They always seem to touch a part of me, a part of my life, and its amazing to me how you can do that. LOVE!!

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