Let’s Play Look Tag ;-)

Thank you Breezy Books for the this fun little game to play


Maddy Cochere of Breezy Books, author of  four books including, Sunshine Hunter, has tagged me for the Look Challenge. I like this challenge because I can share a little more of my book than just six sentences.

The challenge is simple.  Per Maddy, “The idea is to locate the word ‘look’ in whatever manuscript/book you have lying around (I may be paraphrasing here) and post the few previous and following paragraphs and then invite other authors to do the same.”

My ‘look’ is from The Gargoyle, by Andrew Davidson. It’s a love story about two lovers who’s love spans countries and centuries and was recommended to me by my friend Rory, the most wonderful man I know besides Roger Darling. He told me I would identify with it because of my fear of beauty and the need for unconditional love. Let’s just say the man was right. I think it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I “feel” every word put to paper. Every damn word.


“Look,” he said gently, “the dark spots have come to your skin.’ Graziana began to weep, but Francesco smiled and stroked her hair. “Don’t cry. We don’t have time for tears. Let us love while we still can.”

That very afternoon, Graziana fell into the worst of it. For three days, they lay together. For three days, Graziana went about dying horrendously in his arms while he told her stories about swans and miracles and great loves. On the third mid-night of her illness, Francesco awoke to her tortured breathing. She turned her face to his.

“This is it.”

He said, “I will see you soon.”

Francesco kissed Graziana one final time, taking her final breath deep into his chest. “Ti amo,” she said, I love you.

After she passed, Francesco slipped the wedding ring from her finger. He, too, was now deeply ill, but he pulled himself out of bed. He could barely stand, crippled by the nausea and fever, but he forced himself into his blacksmith shop. There was one thing left to do.

He lit the fire and heated the forge. He melted both wedding rings, his and hers, and poured them into an arrowhead mold. When the arrowhead was completed, he set it onto a shaft. He looked down the length of the arrow, ensuring it was as straight and true as any he had ever made.

Francesco pulled down the crossbow that was pinned to his wall.

The book is a heart breaker my loves. My favorite kind. You’ll have to read the rest to find out what happens. Remember not all love stories end happily or with an explainable outcome. Sigh.


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