I’m Auditioning for Blogger Idol!



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Because Writers are the New Rock Stars!

Good morning my sweet readers and followers. I wanted to let you all know that I’m auditioning for a groovy thing called Blogger Idol. I’ve only been writing since January 2012, but I decided what the hell. I might as well give a shot. My readership goes up every day and so does my follower count. You all complete my sparkly ass and make me feel my words matter.  You see my passion and feed it. For that I’m so grateful. The competition will be fierce I’m sure but it can’t hurt to try. Who knows maybe I’ll make the top 12 or maybe I won’t make shit.

I was talking to Vikki (The View Outside) and commented on her entry, You Know You’re a Writer When….. I told her I knew it when:

I knew it when I could look at a photo and see a whole story unfold before my eyes. I knew it when I could see a word or hear a phrase and write a whole page about it. I knew it when I saw a couple in an SUV arguing in my rear view mirror at a toll booth and I wrote a short story about them. I knew after realizing that I thrived on every written word that I had ever read. Whether it was a book, a letter, a card or an email from a dear friend. I knew it and I know it still. I hope and I pray that the words never stop coming. It is my passion, my life, my story. I never ever want it to stop.
  • Beautiful rheath40. I wish I’ve have expressed myself this well.
  • Wow honey, I am in awe…and so very very jealous! ;)


    • No need for jealousy. We are both writers. We get better as we write. We get better as we read other writers. Isn’t this a great experience?
    • It certainly is honey! :)
      I’m excited about the competition. The prizes are pretty kick ass. A Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 7.0 Student Edition. Blog2Print so you can make a book. God wouldn’t that be awesome???? The first runner up gets chocolate, Ghirardelli no less, and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Yeah that’s just what I need voice software so I can write more. Roger Darling will divorce me for sure, because I’ll never shut up! There’s organic foods, gourmet coffee and retail therapy prizes too. Because God knows after my weight loss I’ve become a clothes and shoes whore. By the way, I got a new pin up style mini skirt yesterday that I’m in fucking love with!!!
      There’s six weeks of assignments to do. I have no idea what they are yet but I’m sure it’ll entail writing. DUH! So hang in my readers, followers and friends. Vote for me please!!! Tell your friends and have them vote for me too. Even if they think I suck. Giggle. This is going to be the most  fun!
      Thanks my loves, from the bottom of my sparkly girl heart!

20 thoughts on “I’m Auditioning for Blogger Idol!

    • Here’s the website to learn more about it. There’s still one more day to audition.


      I had to “audition” first. Basically I had to complete a form telling them why I’m so damn awesome. 🙂 Then a panel of judges will decide if I’m good enough to be chosen to be in the top 13. If I am then I will have to complete ten weeks of writing assignments. Not sure what they’re going to be about. We’ll see. If I am selected to compete there is a panel of judges that will be critiquing my entries. I’m probably not going to be selected but it was kinda fun to put myself out there.

      • i think it will likely be fun. but what i don’t like – and i’m not saying it’s the case here – but i don’t like things that are determined by how many people go a vote for you. then you have to beg friends and family to vote for you to win. when there are competent judges, great. that’s fine.

      • I don’t think it’s judged on popularity. I think the panel of judges are ultimately the ones that decide. The judges are popular bloggers. I probably won’t even get chosen so it won’t really matter. We’ll see though.

  1. I’ll be rooting for your “sparkly ass” (two words I never thought I would see next to each other except, perhaps, in an animated animal vampire flick) 🙂 Best of luck, my friend.

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