Happiness is Strong Pain Meds and Valium YAY!

Pain makes me a whiny baby bitch.

The last four or five weeks have not been good ones. I have been dealing with chronic pain that has been steadily getting worse. I’m no longer able to hold a pen or pencil and after about a half hour of typing, my left hand becomes immobile. The pain in my back has been excruciating. I was hoping that after quitting my job in the salon that I would heal on my own. That turned out not to be the case. I am now having muscle spasms that radiate from my shoulder blade to my finger tips. The spasms last anywhere from 15 seconds to at least one minute. The Motrin and muscle relaxer the general practitioner prescribed didn’t do much of anything. If I wanted any relief, I had to keep my arm completely immobile. That’s not easy for this busy woman to do.  It fucking sucks!

I’ve seen a chiropractor and he’s awesome, but I’m still suffering. I finally gave up and went to the ER today. Roger Darling had a mandatory meeting so I called my Meggie to come be with me. She shows up at the ER with what I think is the entire contents of her house. She’s got her book bag, her computer, her cell phone, and her purse. I think she plans on moving in. My sweet girl cheered me up, and made me laugh a lot. She spewed the F word about as much as I do. We talked about her fiance, the wedding, school, her goofy dogs, her all organic food kick. We talked about everything. Then I’d have a muscle spasm. We’d wait it out and then she’d bitch because we had to wait almost three hours to see a doctor.

Meg decided we needed lunch. She took off to Whole Food for organic pizza, salad and soup. In the meantime the doctor finally showed up. It was discovered that I have a severely pinched nerve in my C7 vertebrae. They prescribed heavy duty pain meds and another muscle relaxer. After Meggie got back, Dr. A came into my room to introduce himself. We set up an appointment on Friday afternoon for an MRI and to discuss the next course of treatment. After he left the room Megan start singing the Ali Abua Abua song from Disney’s, Aladdin because that’s exactly what the specialist looked like. She told me I had to sing the song to him when I  see him on Friday. I called her a giant music geek. She just cackled. My God her laugh is just like mine!

After I was discharged we walked out together. I thanked her for staying with me and she said she was happy to. Said I’d been there for her all those times when she was sick, so she had to take care of me. My heart swelled and I got a little misty eyed. I told her she was a good daughter and that I loved her. She gave me a hug and a kiss and said she’d see me soon. We went our separate ways. She back to Livonia, me back to Tecumseh. As I was driving home I heard my favorite song by U2. It brightened me right up. I cranked it and sang along with the lyrics, It’s a Beautiful Day, don’t let it get away….. I may be in pain but the day really is quite beautiful indeed. Especially now that the pain meds have kicked in. Hope you all are having a beautiful day yourselves. I need a nap.

40 thoughts on “Happiness is Strong Pain Meds and Valium YAY!

    • Thanks my love. It’s good to hear from you. I’ll keep you posted as to my progress after I see the dr. The pain meds are already offering me some relief. At least the muscle spasms have stopped. Talk to you soon.

      • Good to hear. I had a feeling when I started reading that this involved a pinched nerve. Had one of those in my lower back so the symptoms sounded very similar. Shall I write something for you while you recoup?

      • Oh my love, I would so appreciate you writing for me. Hmmmm, I’d hum a few bars of what I’d like but the pain has me quite shell shocked and out of sorts. Why not surprise me my dear Matt. Thank you!

    • Thank you my sweet friend. The pain meds are working and I’m already feeling relief. I see the dr. on Friday to discuss the next steps in treatment. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again for the support.

    • Thanks Maddie. I’m so glad I’m finally getting some relief. I can’t wait to see the dr. on Friday. My Meggie is a sweet, snarky girl. I’m so thankful for her. I’ll keep you all posted about what the dr. decides to do. Take care my sweet.

  1. Lovely daughter Renee. I had several preschool teachers having the same symptoms you did and was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis. It’s a good thing it’s not. Hope you feel better! If you need to talk to anyone, you can always message me!

  2. Do take care of you, my F-f-f-f-friend (thought I was gonna type something else didn’t ya?) I’m sure that at least having a diagnosis is a relief in and of itself. Nothing like the unknown to give you the heebie-jeebies. Much ❤ and prayers your way.

    • Thanks my dear. I’ve been doing my best to keep walking and to keep doing ab work. Gotta make my muscles strong. Don’t want surgery but it may happen. We’ll see what the doctor says tomorrow. Thanks again.

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  4. I’m so glad you’re getting relief! I hope the result is not surgery…and something really simple. You’ll certainly be in my prayers!! What a wonderful daughter you have 🙂 When we grow up, it definitely is our turn to take care of our mothers when they aren’t feeling well.

    • Just had an MRI today. I was so stoned on valium but I made it through. Roger Darling laughed at me as I stumbled around like a drunk. He was proud of me for getting through the test without a major panic attack. Now we’ll wait for the results and see what course of treatment the doctor wants to pursue. I’m almost praying for surgery because being on Vicodin sucks. I can’t write for shit when I’m in such a drug haze.

      • Hopefully you should get the results of you MRI by the end of the week. I’m not sure how fast your doctor works. The relief is knowing is unmeasurable!! Vicodin haze is horrible, I did 2 months of school in a haze because I took too many medical leaves and they would have kicked me out if I took one more. Maybe the doctor can Rx you something else. Percocet doesn’t give me the haze as much, and gives me greater relief. Just a thought. I know you are praying for surgery, but hopefully it is nothing that physical therapy can’t fix. I really hope nothing too bad is ailing you. Traction (sounds horrible!) is A-Mazing. The stim, ultrasound and “manipulation” aka massage, is wonderful and of course they give you wonderful hot packs too. I love PT!! LOL And while I had to pay cash, hopefully you have insurance to pay for this not quite spa like treatment 🙂 Oh and it certainly did not hurt my physical therapist was a god!! lol Epidurals work miracles too…that then the PT, wonderful combo 🙂 All my best, M

  5. I’d try eating a lot of turmeric/black pepper (easy to add to dinner dishes), taking transdermal magnesium, and getting some light massages along with gentle stretching and seeing this helps over time. Wishing you well.

    • Thanks for the suggestions my love. I had an MRI today. I’ll know the results soon. I have a severely pinched nerve in my spine. I’m hoping PT will be what they decide. I’m so tired of the pain meds they make me too hazy. I like to be focused and on the run all the time. Ah well I will get better. Thanks for the read, the follow and the advice.

  6. As you know I really get back pain and know how terrible it is I don’t think anyone who has never experienced it can understand the difference between back ache and real back pain i always keep in a supply of extra strong pain meds and I also try to keep a couple of muscle relaxant type pills in reserve aswell just incase the doc can’t fit me in when it is really bad.but if you are having muscular spasms the tens machines are really good ( you know they are a little like those toning machines but with a stronger electrical current) I wont be able to use one anymore now because of the screws and rods they put in my back but if you can find one at a reasonable price it might be worth a shot

    • I have to say I was very blessed. My regular doctor dicked around so much I ended up in the emergency room because the pain was so intense. The doctor was very proactive and had me see a spine specialist that prescribed physical therapy, muscle relaxers and pain medication. I did everything as he suggested and I am finally pain free. I have full mobility too. I am lucky. I have so many friends that work in the service industry and their backs are just ruined. I hope that surgery has given you some relief my dear. BTW I have muscle relaxers and Motrin just in case the pain returns. 🙂 And I’ve used the tens machine before. They are marvelous!

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