Sunshine Award

I would like to thank Kip Light at Kipsthoughts for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. I always knew I was sunshiny, and sparkly. Giggle.

The Rules:

1. If you are nominated, you must blog a post linking back to the person/blog that nominated you.

2. You must answer some questions, nominate ten fellow bloggers and link their blogs to the post!

3. You should comment on your nominees’ blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them.

The questions

1. Who is your favorite philosopher?

Yoda of course.

2. What is your favorite number?

My favorite number is 13. So many fear it. Not me. There’s so many things in this life that are scarier. 🙂

3. What is your favorite animal?

Doggies of course. I’ve always had a dog. And I work in a grooming salon for my second job. Dogs love you even when you’re a whiny baby bitch.

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs?

Facebook author page:

You can friend me too. I’m quite the FB whore.

No Twitter account. I don’t need one more distraction or connection. Giggle.

5. What is your favorite time of the day?

The night. I love the dark. The quiet. There’s nothing like taking a walk in the dark. And if I’m near water, forget it. The beach at night is the best.

6. What was your favorite vacation?

I took a cruise with Roger Darling, Meggie and Adam Boy about eight years ago. We went to St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Lucia and St. Martin. My best memory of it was when the kids went back to the ship after shopping on St. Martin because they were whiny and tired. Rog and I then took a water taxi to Phillipsburg. We rented beach chairs for 5 bucks and drank 95 cent beers. I played in the Caribbean Sea for hours. I didn’t want to get out. Then we ate Jerk Chicken and Conch Fritters at a little seaside restaurant. I told Roger Darling I could live on that island in a heartbeat. I think we MAY just do that some winter. We’ll see.

7. What is your favorite physical activity?

Running and sex. Hahahahahaha! Of course sex is my first choice. We have an empty nest and we’re enjoying the hell out of it.

8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Ice tea. Raw, no sugar.

9. What is your favorite flower?

Purple lilacs. Look at my banner on this page. You should be able to figure it out. 🙂

10. What is your passion?

My family, music, writing, love and my animals. Everything really. I want to be passionate about everything!

My nominees for the award: (She’s a groovy chick.) (He writes about love, one of my favorites. Even though it makes a heart break all too often.) (I do believe this young man is my twin. We like the same movies, music, quotes and so much more.) (She’s a sweetheart, and a good writer to boot.) (What can I say about Kyle? He’s dirty and sweet. That’s one of my favorites too.) (Love her stories, and her blog. The story of the dog jumping in her tub cracked me up!) (Her words are beautiful….) (Good, good, good.) (Great poetry, great.) (Of course I have to nominate a good blog about faith. Mine is strong even though my body isn’t)

Congratulations everyone and thank you for reading me. Thank YOU!!!!

29 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

      • Great! Spent Sunday in the ER with vertigo, which made my whole world even more lopsided than it normally is. Still a little dizzy, but getting better!! Oh, and I think someone’s hacked my blog. Wait? What am I talking about? Things suck!!!

      • They may suck but you woke up breathing. That’s a plus. 🙂 I’ve had barely any sleep, a pinched nerve in my back, spilled coffee in my purse and its’ fucking freezing in my office. But by God I’m alive and that’s a plus. We can still be bitchy about the suckiness of life though. Giggle.

  1. Aww thankyou have taken to barracading the door when i have a bath now but he also decided to jump in with the monster which was hilarious and ended in a fight for rubber ducks between the pair of them, his latest destruction was that of my new slippers and this morning I spent half an hour chasing him round the house trying to retrieve monsters welly from him, I love dogs but this puppy is hard work 😀

      • The older dog spends half his time with an amused look on his face watching me scream at the puppy to get off things, he is probably thinking back to when he was a puppy he was an angel compared to this one lol

      • They’re like our children. Every single one of them is different. Different temperament and personality. Everything. Some are calm, and some drive us nuts. I kinda like the ones that drive me nuts more. They keep me on my toes. And keep me guessing. I kinda like that about life too. The little mysteries, hiccups, goofs, and getting sidetracked.

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