OMFG five awards in two weeks!!

I’m speechless. No really, I am. Okay, so I’m not. This sparkly girl never knows when the fuck to shut up. I’m sure you were all shocked when I didn’t post for six days a few weeks ago. I have to tell you it was the l-o-n-g-e-s-t week of my damn life. And I thought waiting for the births of my children took forever. Giggle, snort. I guess writing has now become a kind of birthing process for me. I know you’ve heard me say this before, but I never, ever knew I had any talent. I never knew I had any of this in me at all. It’s a fire in me now. I hope like hell it never goes out. I hope it gets bigger and better and eventually a book comes from it. We’ll see. Oh, and I will post four more nominations. Give me time. I’m trying to divide time between life, work and well, all the rest of the shit we all have to do.

From Kip’s Thoughts

  • Write a little something about the Beautiful Blogger who nominated you with the award. See above. And don’t forget to go and check him out too. He’s my favorite hippie. πŸ™‚ I want to thank Kip for the nomination. His kind words have meant so much to me. His support is immense and I’m so glad we found each other in this lovely blogosphere.
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  1. I’m a goof ass and sarcastic as fuck. But I’m really a broody whiny emo girl.
  2. My favorite color is Purple!!! And animal print. Hey, it’s not a color. So sue me!
  3. I’m insecure as hell. I act like I’m all that but I hate when someone doesn’t like or approve of me.
  4. I’m a total music whore.
  5. I’m a total book whore.
  6. I love Dorothy Parker and want to be her when I grow up. Oh and I want to be Sharon Osborne and Florence Welch.
  7. I don’t take criticism very well and I cry like a baby at least once a day. And I write what scares others to say out loud. I’m your voice. Sometimes it’s fiction, sometimes it’s raw emotion. Remember I say it so you don’t have to, but you feel it all the same.

12 thoughts on “OMFG five awards in two weeks!!

  1. You make me smile when you call me a hippie! I’m glad I’ve been as much of an influence on you as you have been on me and I, too, am immensely happy that our paths fuckin’ crossed πŸ˜‰

      • Congrats Renee! You are friggin awesome. I love your emotions you put into your writing. I feel that is the essence of a good writer and it draws me to those type of books/writers. Keep writing hon.

      • Thank for the kind words honey. I’ve been told by others I make them feel what I write. I’m glad I do. You’re beautiful, keep reading and you keep writing!

  2. Congrats!!!

    I laughed out loud at your description of yourself because we share some personality traits! I’m also a goofy, sarcastic, music whore and book whore.

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