16 thoughts on “The Kiss

      • Maybe I’m crazy (well, no maybe to it) but I enjoy connection. I don’t mean just in the carnal sense, but connections are what validate us, in my goofy opinion. If I am surrounded by people that I connect with, I am insanely happy (or, perhaps, happily insane) [8>])

      • Your comment makes me want to reblog my entry called Heart Connection. I’ll do it tomorrow for sure. I think you’ll like it a lot. I know I do. For me when my heart breaks, it gets repaired with the next heart I connect with.

      • Oh Kip thank you for the kind words. It meant so much to me when I wrote it. I read it every now and then to remember why I feel so strongly for others. I know my heart breaks easily, but I know it is what I was made for. To love. To connect. To help.

      • I always tell people that “thanks” and “sorry” aren’t necessary and most of the time they don’t understand that I just mean that I speak what I feel and I don’t take offense very easily or that the problem isn’t of their making. Having said that, you’re more than welcome. 🙂

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