Do You Want the Moon Mary?

Mary stands at the window with her two children. Their faces bear the remnants of tears. They know she is leaving for another business trip, but they want her to stay home. She looks into their sweet faces, and tells them that this is her job and her livelihood. That she must go. That she must get on a plane and let it take her to far away places. She tells them that they are always with her. That they are always by her side and in her heart.

She takes them outside and the three of them look up at the moon. She says, You see that moon? That moon goes with me wherever I go. It goes with you wherever you two go. So when mommy is gone, look up at that moon. Know that I am looking at that same moon and I am loving you. I’m thinking of you and I’m missing you. I may be 5,000 miles away, but I am right here looking at the moon with you.

Mary leans down and wraps her arms around her children. They squeeze each other tight. She thinks to herself how much she hates leaving them. She’s so thankful for James though. He’s the rock in all of this change they go through when she takes a trip. She stands up and sees her sweet James in the doorway. He’s watching her and the kids. He comes out to stand with his family. Then the four of them look up at the moon, together. James and Mary then realize, just how small the world really is.

23 thoughts on “Do You Want the Moon Mary?

    • It’s for my friend Kelly. It’s what she does for her kids when she leaves for business trips. I’m feeling sappy lately. I’m sure my potty mouth will be back soon though. Giggle.

  1. Ah, the children who believe that 5,000 miles apart will still bring the same nightfall for both parties, are the most beautiful of all.

    • Yes t they are. This story came from a friend of mine. I embellished it a bit of course. I liked her tradition though. So I just had to write a little story for her.

      • Oh t. You tickle me. You know I watched it last Thursday night. There I was with a cold, and a bottle of wine, in August watching good old George Bailey woo the lovely Mary with Buffalo Gal. It made me a sappy girl for sure. 🙂

  2. Beautiful story Renee, made even more special knowing it’s a true story.
    Some people have the greatest ways of bringing their families together 🙂
    I’ll think of this the next time i’m away from someone I love

  3. _░▒███████

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