Raising Rebels with a Cause

While talking with some family members this weekend, I announced that I loved being rebellious. That at 44 years old I still am. I think what I love most is that I’ve raised two kids that question everything; that buck the system when they can. I have a rebel girl and a rebel boy and I love it. I was telling family that it was so important to me that they be rebellious. That they challenge me, their father, those around them, and the system. And to fuck conformity. Seriously, fuck it! I want them to question everything and to make a difference in this world. And to leave it a better place than when they came in. I was told that I shouldn’t want that. Why the fuck not? I didn’t conform to an extent. I still don’t! Why should I expect my children to? I revel in the fact that our family is different. We’re rebels in the way we raised our children. Rog and I have so many young people tell us that they wish we were their parents. They say they’re scared to speak up to their own parents. Fuck that. Speak up, be heard. I mean don’t be a bitch or an asshole. But say what’s on your mind. Challenge their beliefs. Challenge your own.

When they were young I told Meggie and Adam Boy to speak up. About everything. With that kind of request I knew I would hear the good and the bad. The positive and the negative. The inside voice, the screaming, the crying and the kid that chases after you bitching the whole time. But that was okay. It was what I signed up for. I now see a grown daughter that knows she can do anything, and does. I see a grown son who strives for perfection, and gets it. The daughter is a snarky, potty mouthed brat that speaks her mind. The son, a sarcastic shit that is so smart he scares me. They have the best of our personalities and the worst of them. Roger Darling says they get all the bad personality traits from me. He’s probably right, but I’m okay with that. I hope that they keep challenging themselves and us all their lives. I really do. I hope they don’t sit still. I hope they do everything they want to do. I hope they are always rebellious. I hope that they will fight for a cause they believe in. That they will never, ever be complacent. I hope that they are always loud in actions and voice. I hope, I hope, and I hope!

17 thoughts on “Raising Rebels with a Cause

  1. I love this. Your children must love you to bits! “Fuck conformity” – absolutely. Look at the state of our world, more people need to wake up, well done for doing your part in the revolution.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead

    Peace and love, from a fellow rebel

    • My kids DO love me but they also think I’m a bit of a kook. That’s okay though, because I am. I just don’t give a fuck. They like that about me. I like that they don’t give much of a fuck either. They’re good ones. They’ll change the world. Even if it is only their little piece of it. Thanks for the love. And thanks for reading my dear partner in rebellion.

  2. I’ve nominated you for an award. Feel free to accept or not. I’m easy going :D! Cheers! & Congrats!

  3. Haven’t see that poster in ages. I’m sorry I never had kids especially when I listen to you. Your boy and girl sound like real individuals and that comes from the way you’re brought up. I liked the phrase’ ‘fuck conformity’ as well. Take risks, question everything. You are absolutely right.

    • James Dean is one of my favorites. My son actually had some senior photos taken reminiscent of James Dean’s Rebel character. My kids are good kids. They are really something. They’re in their 20’s and I’m still in awe of them. Susannah, I’ll tell you what, you can adopt them as your honorary kids. I know they would LOVE you! 😉

      • I try to be nice. I do. Sometimes I’m just a bitch. But that’s okay too. I’m glad you kept it going Susannah. I love what you have to say. YOU inspire me. 🙂

  4. Bravo! *clap*clap*clap*!

    No need to hope, m’dear, as your children are well on their way.

    Oops, sorry… well on their fuckin’ way!

  5. Were it not for the rebel spirit we would still be subjects of the Queen (or perhaps part of Mexico, who knows). That spirit has been lost for far too long. Thank you for keeping it going. My two sons are much the same, but I had no conscious intention for them to grow up that way, it just sort of happened 🙂 So far, the grandkids are much the same (especially the three year old). Keep that “fuck conformity” attitude, we’re sorely in need of more of it!

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