I’m Just a Girl in the World

I’ve had a little No Doubt on the brain this weekend. Just a Girl is one of my favorite songs. Meggie and I have sang it together on more than one occasion. It’s fun to sing and scream and all that good stuff. It’s a girlie anthem, but so much more. We want to be girlie, but we want to be tough too. This song explain that to a T.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been a bit of a cranky cunt this week. Ah well, this feeling will pass. Usually happens once a month. Ha! The tears, the crankiness, the I don’t give a fucks and the absentmindedness. Damn hormones. Sometimes I wish I was a dude.I swear Roger had to tell me 14 times to bring my phone when we were leaving to go to a party yesterday. Of course, we got in the car and I couldn’t find it, because it was in the damn trunk! I swear to you he was going to shoot me. It took us 27 minutes just to get out of Tecumseh. I had to stop to pee too. Hahahahha!

I’m thankful that I have so many women in my life that are more than just girls. We don’t take shit from anyone. We love with everything we have, but we’re tough too. I don’t know many men that would tell us no. That we couldn’t do something. Okay if it was dangerous, maybe they would. I like to think that the men in our lives give us the freedom to be ourselves because they want to see what we’re going to do next. God, I hope that’s true. Maybe they’re just scared. Hell, I don’t know.

I know that’s why Roger Darling let’s me be free. His smile, his encouragement for letting me be me, is really something. I can’t even put it into words what it means to me. I wake every morning knowing that I’m a lucky girl. That I’m more than, just a girl. Hey, maybe I’ll start wearing a bindi. Let’s see if we can bring the style back. Scratch that, I’ll just wear my tiara!

4 thoughts on “I’m Just a Girl in the World

  1. Again, bringing me back to my teenage years! You’re killing me (softly…) haha I love it 🙂
    I would love to nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award – http://wp.me/25ZF2, your stories are so beautiful, descriptive, and touching, and often remind me of a different time in my life. Thank you.

    • Oh honey, thank you so much. It’s kind of what I like to do. Bring us back to what we thought was a simpler time. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. I think it was just different, is all. I’m glad you like my writing. I’m honored to be nominated again. I will be sure to post up my response and my nominations for other bloggers. I like your posts too honey, I really do.

      • Oh thank you 🙂 I write mostly just to get these thoughts out of my head and to keep my friends up to date on my health status. Its a lot easier sending them to one place rather than telling 50 people the same thing!

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