Thanks to Meredie for this Sparkly Reminder!

Been having a rough couple of days. There’s been tears and sadness. Been trying to learn how to swim. Been trying to be happy and not anxious. Then I got this from my sweet friend, Meredie. She reminded me that I’m shiny. That I need to stay that way. For if I shine, then those around me do too. So today, even with a broken heart, and worries on my mind I will sparkle. I will shine. I will gleam.

I’ll write more later. Got a funny post about the sleeping situation with the Wonder Schnauzers. Have a wonderful, sparkly, happy day. And if you can’t, then do your best to fake it. Your smile may be the smile that lights up the darkness in someone else. Cheers!

10 thoughts on “Thanks to Meredie for this Sparkly Reminder!

  1. This was perfect for the moment.. i’m glad that i decided to read a bit more before work. I understand the through the tears part.. and i too am learning to swim, also.. but mine is through the sea of heartache… i guess i just had to read your blog and grab on to the shiny floaty that was there.. thanks..
    keep writing thouse spendid words.. you never know whose life you’re going to touch..

    • Oh Jillian I too am dealing with heartache. It seems that sometimes my heart connects to those that are an awful lot like me. We end up hurting in the long run. I’m glad you’re here. Please plan to stick around.

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