Mom says I say fuck too much

Mom says I say the word fuck too much. That’s okay. It’s what this sparkly girl does. It’s my shtick. I’m passionate about some things. So naturally my vocab is too. Last night I read her a couple of entries without any swear words in them. She finally said she loved my writing. That it was beautiful. That she was proud of me. I’m 44, but I fucking cried when she told me that. See, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to hear from her. That she’s proud of me……

20 thoughts on “Mom says I say fuck too much

    • Oh t you fucking tickle me. She has been proud of me, but she doesn’t understand me. I’m a little weird, exuberant, out there. But that’s okay. I get me. That’s all that matters! Hope you had a good weekend my dear!

    • Honey I pray that it does happen for you. But know that you are a good person, even though it doesn’t. As long as we all say we’re proud of you, you need no other validation. You are worthy. That is why you are here. That is why you write. That is why we are all here. Keep writing. For others but mostly for yourself.

  1. I never cussed much growing up, and I think I’ve been making up for lost time ever since! I’m trying not to anymore, but I’m failing miserably. Plus, my husband and kids cuss like sailors, and I always feel the need to reiterate important statements with cuss words that they know and understand. Otherwise, I don’t think they hear me… 🙂

    • I’m with you Bird. My kids look at me when I say something and just ignore me. But if I tell them to go fucking do something, they move. Well, sorta. But it gets my point across. My daughter has decided to tell me that I sound ignorant when I say the F word. I tell her, fuck that! She swears just as much as me. She’s fiery, that one. I do believe she takes after her mom. Giggle. Oh well. As long as we don’t say it at inappropriate times, we’re okay. Love to you my darlin’.

      • lol..Love you too! Your baby does sound like just like her momma! Of course, I’ve managed to create my own gaggle of fiery cussers myself… 🙂

      • That’s so cool. Ain’t it great? I love that my kids are free thinkers, opinionated and funny. It makes them all kinds of awesome. And really interesting to talk with. Get ideas from. Act stupid with. 🙂

      • Same here. I am happy that I not only love them, but I genuinely like them as well. Plus, they are all storytellers, which makes my Dad proud…That trait came from his side, or so he says…lol…

        My mom was a romance writer, so I’m pretty sure she’d disagree!

      • Oh honey that’s so cool. I love that they are all story tellers. It is such a lost talent. You know the reason that we like them so well is because we raised them right. They may have been butt heads when they were teenagers, but they came back to us when they were grown.

      • Amen to that, sister! I take the credit for mine, too. Mine were buttheads from birth about their independence, but we didn’t go through any of that “hating mom” stuff other families go through. They were completely mystified by that reaction in their friends when they were in high school. I was braced and ready for it…And that horrible rebellion never came, from any of my kids! Be proud, girl. Seems like mothering is fast becoming a lost talent as well!

      • I am proud. And you should be too. We have young friends, Roger and I, that say they wished we were their parents. That they love the way we parent. He and i just tried to do it differently, better than our parents. I know we accomplished just that.

      • Even though Chef is a butt head right now, I have to say that we did the same as you and Roger. I especially took the lessons I learned from watching my mom and tried to do better than she did. In the end, my kids turned out better in some areas, and not so great in others. But fuck it. I love them just the way they are…warts and all. I know what you mean about other kid’s wishing they were yours…I have a ton of kids that call me mom, and it really does make me feel fantastic. Plus, I know my kids will be excellent parents themselves, and that isn’t something I see much of in youth today. It is alarmingly lacking!

      • I love that other kids call us mom and dad too. I love that they feel so comfortable with us. That they let their guard down. that they can share their secrets and ask for advice. we need to be open with our kids. Protect them of course. But be open. Talk about everything!

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