Graffiti in a College Town

She takes photographs of graffiti in a medium sized college town. She and her sister. Just walking around. They are as different as night and day. But somehow the same. She, a raven haired beauty, doe eyed, and gorgeous. She sings like an angel. Every note she sings, you see the emotion on her face. She likes wine, men, a good time. She’s a sparkly girl. Her sister, equally beautiful, butch, crew cut, dark, lovely eyes. She takes photographs too. Walks all over the city with her sister. She likes beer, and women, but she’s quiet. And shy. Incredibly sweet. I don’t think she can sing a note.

They take photos. They laugh. They talk about life. Wander the wonderful, dirty streets of a college town. Taking in the sights. Loving each other. Their similarities. Their differences. Their beauty. They stop at a corner cafe. Order a glass of Muscato and a micro brew beer. As they sip their drinks, they take photos of passersby. They enjoy the heat of the mid-day sun on a warm summery day. They smile at each other. Talk about past life and love. Hope for more life, and more love. To find “the one”. They sigh at the same time. Hoping that someday they’ll find someone to want to handle their baggage, their past and all that other crap. They hope they can handle it of the ones they’ll love someday.

After the drinks are drained, they head off for more adventure. More pictures. More life. They like this time together. These two sisters as different as night and day, but so much the same. They wander around aimlessly, no plans, no direction. Just snapping photos of silly and sometimes dirty artwork in a college town.

6 thoughts on “Graffiti in a College Town

    • Thanks so much. I loved writing it. The sister are real, but the story fiction. They have read the story though. Said it was pretty close to the day they shared. 🙂

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