Conversation in the Rain

He sat on the front porch, smoking a cigarette. He always did that when it rained. It was coming down in buckets. There was no thunder, or lightning. Just rain. A deluge. She stepped out onto the porch with him. Stood there. Wished for thunder and lightning, to quiet her chaotic mind. Storms had always soothed her. She didn’t say anything, which was unusual. She always had a smile, and something to say. She stood there and looked out at the puddles forming on the blacktop. On the side walk too. She turned, looked at him. She said, I’m leaving. He said, I’m not surprised. Said he’d heard her say it before. Twice. He asked her, why? She looked away and said nothing. For a woman who was always quick with a joke, advice, or a dirty retort, she just stood there. Speechless.

Instead she walked down the steps, into the rain. Let it pour all over her. Felt it run down her body, drenching her to the skin. She felt her love for him leave her and reconnect with the earth. From where it originated. She wondered if she would ever feel at peace again. She wished to be anywhere but here. In the distance, she heard thunder. She felt a thrill and the hair stood up on her arms. She knew that the lightning wasn’t too far behind. Her mind slowed. Her body was drenched. She prepared for the impending storm.

38 thoughts on “Conversation in the Rain

  1. Incredibly evocative. I love the contrasts we are left to draw further in our minds between their relationship and the rain, the cycles of nature, and how everything must pass…

  2. What a wonderfully descriptive and beautifully engaging metaphor. I especially was fond of love returning to the earth from where it originated. The rain, thunder, lightning, emotion and the earth carry many primal elements swirling around each other as emotion swirls between the mind and the heart. Thank you. You have one hell of a gift for descriptive story telling.

    • Rick, thank you. I think I get better at it every day. I think it’s because I feel so much more than a normal person. I want to feel everything. Even if it hurts. You know I was terrible at English when I was in school. But I could weave a story. I still don’t know what the fuck an adjective is, but I can use them to immerse you into my writing. I asked Rog if I was narcissistic about my writing. He said, no you’re just pleased with it. And so are your readers. It’d be just like baking a cake. The ones that you nourished with that cake would tell you it was good, and you’d be proud. Keep reading my sweet. I have more pictures and more stories to tell…

  3. I love this Renee and can certainly relate. Wanting to run away, how a storm could make it easier. I was always fleeing someone – my mother, a lover. Like sleeping with your shoes on.

      • That will change. Here’s a coupla tips – cut way back on your meat and diary, and watch your sugar especially before you go to bed. Your body is like a baby’s at the moment. It will go back to normal. I’m older than you so, I’ve been through it.

      • Good advice my dear. I’ve been drinking coffee at night too. Big no no for me. I eat more fish now than I do anything else. And I drink soy milk. But I’ll watch the sucker intake before bed. šŸ™‚

      • Do you take vitamin B? If you don’t you could add a strong B complex to your diet. I might help. Hope I’m not being intrusive. Someone has suggested all this stuff to me and it really helped me.

      • Of course you’re not being intrusive. Girl I need sleep! Any words of advice to help me with that is super appreciated. Thanks babe.

  4. I am sorry your life is in tumult right now. know that, if I could be there for you, I would. As it is, I will pray and send thoughts and positives your way.
    I am trying to remember if you contribute to either of both of “Friday Fictioneers” and “Five Sentence Fiction”. My memory is just not too good most of the time.
    You would like both. Check out my posts for them or drop me a note at my email.

    • Dear Scott,

      I promise you life is good. The story is from a post I did many months ago. I do hope that my writing has gotten somewhat better since then. šŸ™‚ Along with my crazy life.

      I am participating in both FSF and FF. I adore them both. My FF story this week is entitled, Best Beware the Sting. A little darker than what you’re used to from me.

      I thank you for all of your kind words my sweet. I hope life is good for you….

      Love, Renee

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