A Gentle Kiss

She sat in the tub with him. He wrapped his arms around her. Made her feel safe. Made her feel wanted. She grabbed the camera. Took a photo. Of this moment. Their moment. Their time together. They knew it was fleeting. That they couldn’t stay. That real life waited for them outside of that tub. That cocoon. That warmth. They held each other. Whispered sweet, dirty things as the steam rose up from the water and their warm skin. She leaned harder into his chest. He held her tighter. Kissed her neck. She whispered she loved him. Loved this. This moment. He put his hands in her hair. She caressed his legs. Felt their safety. Felt his longing for her in her back. She turned around. The water moved with her. Splashed everywhere. She didn’t care. She looked into his eyes. Told him she wasn’t leaving him. That she was staying forever. He smiled. He said that was all he ever wanted. For her to stay. She smiled. Then sealed her words. Her promise. With a gentle kiss.

31 thoughts on “A Gentle Kiss

    • Found the photo on FB newsfeed. Knew there was a story in it. I just had to write it. It’s simple. It’s unfinished. The reader has to decide what happened to them. Did they make it? Did it end? What happened? What were the repercussions? If any. I like that we don’t know. Have to draw our own conclusions.

      • Nothing is ever really done. For a time after we begin our eternal sleep, our lives live on to some degree among those who survive us if we’ve made any impression at all. The story is well done in that it brings life into a story that is palpable in the moment, and from my perspective and philosophy, life is the sum of moments lived as them come and replaced by ones that follow.

        Life to me, is appreciating the moment and appreciating the promise of moments that may follow. But it is also the understanding that the moment we are in may be our last and should be lived as well, as passionately and as positively as that circumstances of that moment will allow – leaving nothing to chance.

        The joy of life, I believe, comes from the unknown or unexpected suddenly coming into being and finding a way to absorb every surprise as a positive experience that links the past to the present and leaves the end link open for more that may yet appear.

        In this case, my imagination has already left me with a favorable but non-guaranteed outcome and that is good enough for me. Love and suspense make for the most interesting of stories, don’t you think?

        Best, always,


      • Rick I am in awe of your wonderful response. I’m overwhelmed with what you say. And can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me that you gleaned all of that from a little story of two lovers in a bathtub. Time is fleeting. We only have now. We have to savor every damn moment. I wish we all could learn that. Sometimes I forget that life is what we make it. We can make it shitty, or we can make it spectacular. It’s all in what we want. Thanks for reading my sweet. Thanks for the essay. Thanks for the love. It is so appreciated.

      • You’re welcome. The pleasure was all mine. And you are correct that life is what we make it. Even if we sit and choose not to embrace the moment, it will embrace us and until we act it will carry us along or eventually drown us in our own nothingness. Best.

      • Best to you my sweet. I choose to keep moving. To love and live this life. To find my way. Either on my own or with another. I’m not sure where I’m going. What I’m doing. Where it will end. But I know I can’t sit. I can’t be complacent. I’ve found my passion for this life. My calling. I will not sit idly by. I will not grow old. I will not watch as others live. I will not. There’s just too much for me to do.

  1. This was a surprise…where did that come from? It’s great…a perfect Father’s Day tribute to Mr. Roger Darling who I’m assuming is in that tub. Love the tattoos…very sultry entry

    • Honey I’m not telling you who it is in the tub. Not sure who they are yet. Only he and she. It’s nice to have a little mystery. Glad you liked. The tattoos are what caught my eye. Melted my heart.

    • Sometimes a picture just inspires me. Im sure another will. Some other time. I’m so glad you liked it. I like that we dont know how it ends. Well maybe i do. But as i said before. I wont tell.

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    • Thank you so much for linking my entry in your blog. I think it’s one of my best stories. Simple, sweet and to the point. I hope the two of you are okay. That you enjoy every minute you have together. Your photos and story are lovely.

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