Another blog award? Oh gee you shouldn’t have.

Yes I got another blog award. From the wonderful gentleman at As Long as I’m Singing. Seems he’s a sucker for a strong willed, out-spoken woman that swears a bit. Aw shucks.

I have to tell you (7) things you probably don’t know about me. I LOVE to talk about myself as you know. Wink, wink!

• First off, I’m 5′ 6″ tall. I look taller. That’s just an illusion. You’re looking at my boobs, so you’re easily distracted and convinced that I’m taller.

• Secondly, I SUCK at math. I use a calculator for every math problem I do. I’m easily frustrated by numbers, but I work in finance. Go figure!

• Third, my middle name is Michelle. Renee Michelle Heath. My mother named me Renee Michelle after a child that she used to baby sit for. My original name was April. It was changed when I was adopted at 1 month old.

• Fourth, my parents divorced when I was three. I have no memories of living with my father. He’s a groovy dude though.

• Fifthly, I love Marilyn Monroe. She is one of my idols. She was broken and no one fixed her. They just let her go. Used her. Her beauty is unparalleled.

• Sixthly, I say the word fuck, A LOT! My husband says I have the mouth of a truck driver. I tell him nah, I’m just passionate when I speak. The F word has to be used by a passionate woman, such as myself.

•  Seventh, I do not back down from a fight. I will get in your face and yell, no matter if I’m right or wrong. I also like to slam doors. A LOT!

One more thing. I’m sitting here with my hair in a pony tail, mascara smudged under my eyes, a tank shirt, underwear, and zebra print slippers. It’s not what I usually wear to write, but I figured it would work for a Saturday morning.

Here are the nominations. Folks go read these blogs. They ROCK!

A Thin Girl Dot Com – Susannah is one of my biggest cheerleaders. I adore her posts. I’m proud to call her a friend.

Thoughts from the Outdoors – David makes me want to go camping. And, um, other things outside. Wink, wink. His prose are beautiful. Just beautiful.

Kylling Sara– I can’t even explain to you how her blog makes me feel. Read her. She’s amazing. Strong. Amazing.

Nine and a Half Hours Ahead – Dan’s pictures and stories move me. Makes me aware that there is still so much more to be done in Afghanistan. I’m not much for the military. But Dan brings a human side to it.

Orbital Decay – OMFG her photos rock my world. Such beauty. She leaves me in awe.

Gorgeous Company – What can I say about Geoff? Except WOW!

Creative Noodling – Love to read her. Sometimes I swear she’s written something just for me. She also made me realize it’s okay to be a vanilla girl. As long as you throw a bit of caramel and whipped cream in.

Well that’s it. I thank you again for the nom T. I promise to keep writing silly, thoughtful, heartbreaking stuff. And I’ll be sure to pepper the posts with plenty of swear words. This sparkly girl may be pretty, but she’s got a tongue like a razor. Giggle.

20 thoughts on “Another blog award? Oh gee you shouldn’t have.

  1. Congratulations on still another award. All you need is an Oscar and a Grammy that should cover it. I liked your retort to R. Darling when he said you talk like a truck driver, “I’m just passionate when I speak.” Great answer, and Teddy Roosevelt, my favorite Pres. never backed down from a fight whether he was right or wrong either. See, you’re in good company,

    Thank you for the nomination. I appreciate it.

  2. Wonderful! And see? You accepted the award while using only “fuck” throughout – good for you!

    PS – I was so not looking at your boobs.

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