The word of the day is !VAGINA!

Yes today’s word is VAGINA. Seems you can now get banned for saying the word in the Michigan House of Representatives. I was flabbergasted. Appalled. Fucking pissed. All of that and more, as I watched The Ed Show and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. I was screaming fuck you at my television several times during the segments featuring a courageous female lawmaker from Michigan. She did not mince words. She was strong in her conviction. She spoke up. And for it she was shushed. Like it was 100 years ago. Like her opinion didn’t matter. She used the word vagina. A technical, scientific term, during her speech. She was fighting for our rights as women to safe and legal abortion. Especially if the woman’s health is in jeopardy. She was NOT allowed to participate in the debate, because she used the word vagina. She is now banned indefinitely from speaking on the floor of the House. It’s bullshit!

Would they have preferred Lisa Brown use the word cunt? Maybe the speaker would have preferred she use the word Hoo Hoo. Maybe if the speaker would pay attention to the vagina he had at home, he would leave ours alone. I really don’t think, no I know, it is not for a  man to decide when and if I get an abortion. What I do with my vagina. I’m so proud of Lisa Brown. I’m proud of her for speaking up. No, means no. I’m glad this has caused controversy. I’m proud that there are women like her, that will speak up. I want to contribute to her re-election campaign. I want the Republicans to fall. To get out of my cunt. And every single other one in this state!

22 thoughts on “The word of the day is !VAGINA!

  1. I agree it is bullshit and I am a republican (barely). My 8 year old uses the word Vagina because that is what it is. Seriously, so many things about this is screwed up.

    • I’m glad to hear you are barely are Republican. Giggle. The word vagina is a good word. One of my favorites. If a male law maker used it, would he have been banned? We’ll never know. I’m just really proud of her for speaking up! Thanks for your comment hon!

      • I can see SNL come out with a skit. She stands up and the only word she uses in her argument is “vagina, vagina, vagina” over and over again as if she is constructing a completely rational sentence. And then a male lawmaker stands up to respond with, “penis, penis, penis” It would be funny to me if those were the only words used in the entire skit. 🙂

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