We’re just carrying on a Family Tradition

So don’t ask me
Hank, why do you drink? (To get drunk)
Hank why do you roll smoke? (To get high)
Why must you live out
The songs that you wrote? (To get laid)

Hank Williams Jr.

I understand the lyrics mentioned above don’t really pair well with a wedding story. If you knew my family you’d completely understand though.  We’re a little redneck, a little country, a little flannel. As Rog and I were preparing and baking Czech pastry on Friday night, it brought back memories of the preparation for our wedding. The realization that I was marrying into a great family. A big Czech family that didn’t stand much on ceremony. They include everyone. No matter if you’re blood or not.

For our wedding 23 years ago, we made pastry, stuffed cabbage, drank shots and beer, had parties to celebrate the impending wedding day. Cooked lots and lots of sauerkraut and sausage. Food and drink matter greatly in this family. It brings us closer. Gives us reason to celebrate. EVERYTHING! I digress. This story is actually about Travis and Alyssa. They’re young. They’re just starting their lives together. But I’ve never seen two people love each other as much as they do. I wish and pray for their marriage to be a successful one.

The ceremony was beautiful. A little long for a Presbyterian church. They did the sand ceremony. Of course Tete Nan and Uncle Jack had to help. The young couple were getting married on their grandparents 61st wedding anniversary. It was only appropriate that they include them. Tete had tears in her eyes. Uncle Jack beamed. Such happiness and good vibes bounced off every wall and every person in the church.

Then we get to the reception hall. It was good to see everyone dressed up. Shiny, happy. Warmed by the sun and a bit of alcohol. Of course the food was spectacular. The groom’s uncle is a chef. He definitely brought his A game where the food was concerned. With dinner finished, it was time to start the party.

In our family, it is tradition that the first song played after the typical wedding songs, is Family Tradition. By Hank Williams Jr. We stand arm in arm. All of us. We sing the lyrics. Loudly and proudly. We bring the new bride or groom into the fold. We sing the song to prove that we ARE in deed a family that stands on tradition. But we are not pretentious. We are rednecks, but we are progressive. We party. We are loud. We’ll embarrass the hell out of you. But above all we are a family.

We danced our asses off. Laughed and talked. Took pictures like crazy. Just enjoyed each others company. It was a great night. Good luck my dear Travis and Alyssa. May the marriage be as carefree and easy as the special day we shared with you.

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