The Kiss

Inspired a bit by Kyle Mew.ย (As I told him, I think the kiss, the kiss is my favorite.)

The Kiss

The beginning

In pain

In want

In need

In necessity

The Kiss

The breathless

The throb

The provocative

The tongue, the lips, the sultriness

If only, if only the Kiss goodbye was as marvelous as the Kiss hello

24 thoughts on “The Kiss

      • My husband is making me crazy right now. Fulfilled isn’t the word I would use to describe me right now… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Oh honey. Sometimes the best thing to do is not say a word. Go for a walk. Get away. Let them deal with their own crazy. Really. Kisses and hugs babe.

      • Thank you! That’s sweet. I miss my old Chef, but this new one sure is looking fine these days. Maybe he’ll become sane again soon… I’m hoping! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • All you can do is pray and wait for an answer. But remember God did give us free will. He gave us brains in our heads too. We need to use all that he gave us to find our way.

      • I do know that. I’m not exactly a patient person, so it tends to be the waiting that makes me nuts. But, I am also a stubborn one, so I can out-wait him, even if it just out of spite…lol. Just kidding. I really miss him, and I’m ready for him to come back to reality.

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