Why and How are Heart Connections Made?

When you smiled you had my undivided attention. When you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you. When you cried you had my urge to hold you. When you said you loved me, you had my heart forever….

To share a connection of the heart is to live. Not just love. It is so much more than just that simple word. I see  Marlena, my dear friend, connect, or imprint if you will on a young man with a gentle soul. She’s married, but she sees potential in this young man. This broken person that needs to be lifted up. For him she is an impromptu mother, asexual lover, friend. She’s all of these things and more. Her husband approves of the relationship. The connection. There is a need to draw him near to both of them. To give him their love. Make them a family. To prove that he is worthy of love, of life, and to be hopeful of his future.

Why and how do we make these connections?  We make them, when we, the broken, reach out. Or when we, the unbroken, the stronger, reach out to the broken. We then, in turn by giving and getting help,  ask to be fixed. To be healed. To be made stronger.

I have found these connections in the strangest of places. In the strangest of situations. With a variety of people. Why? I’m not really sure. I think it’s because I’m the passionate momma. I talk to everyone as if they are equal to me. I seek out the broken, the hurt, the sad, the grieving. I help them. With my words. With my heart. With my profound need to connect.  Because I’ve been hurt I try to repair others that have been in similar situations. People are naturally drawn to me. I like that I’ve connected with young, old, boys, girls, animals, children. The list goes on and on. I will give you my heart to connect with but don’t hurt me. Don’t take advantage of me. For though I may still act as though I care, my heart will disconnect from you.

I mourn for those that can’t find and nurture these connections. How sad and lonely they must be. You become stagnant and your heart dies. We all must connect in some way, shape or form. If we’re not put on this earth to make these connections, then what are we here for? It cannot be to merely exist. It must be to thrive! It is to leave this place better than when we arrived. By leaving our imprint. It is to make your heart connect to make you human. And to make that human, love. That really is the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

21 thoughts on “Why and How are Heart Connections Made?

  1. The “heart connection”- what a beautiful concept. We all need those connections. They make our lives richer and “make [us] human”. Unfortunately, allowing our hearts to be exposed increases the likelihood that we will be hurt. But it is better to risk that than to not experience love at all.

    • Sweetheart I will always give my heart. Always. If it comes back to me a little broken. I’ll just glue it back together with the next connection that I make….

    • Well, I’ll say it for you 🙂 That was one fuckin’ good piece of writing and sharing of what connections are to you. I find them much the same. I’ve been on both ends of the connection and I can’t say that one brings any more joy than they other. They are both joyous. The only thing that’s kept me from sliding backwards when I’ve stumbled is these connections. I will remember every one of them and have a place in my heart for them all. Thanks for reblogging this piece, Renee. You were quite correct, I love it and I love connections more than ever.

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