The definition of HAPPINESS. In my world it changes every day….

Today my definition of happiness is the fact that I’m wearing my new WONDER WOMAN t- shirt. Tomorrow it will be defined by something else. Someone else. That’s good. I like the fact that life is unpredictable. That happiness is unpredictable. That we define it in so many different ways. It may be the aroma of a flower, a shell from a beach, the words from a loved one.  Hell even a 2o cent sucker from my husband tickles me to pieces sometimes. It could be from the words of advice I give. Or the words of advice I get. It could be the simplest or the most complex of things, really.

I have a dear friend that is in the throes of one of the biggest struggles of her life. She’s trying to redefine her happiness. To redefine her life. But she keeps looking to others to find her way. Instead of finding it within herself. I keep telling her, find a way to make yourself content. Then you can make others in your life truly happy. As a person in recovery I know the importance of living life minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day. That’s what I’m trying to guide her to do. Find the good in the one minute, find it in the one hour. Find it in the one day. Because if you find it in those moments, it’ll eventually last forever……

So today I find happiness in my new Wonder Woman t-shirt and giving words of advice and love to my dear sweet friend who’s struggling. Tomorrow, who knows where I’ll find it. But I will. I know I will…..

7 thoughts on “The definition of HAPPINESS. In my world it changes every day….

  1. Love the quote. Happiness, hmm – when I’m at peace enjoying where my feet are blooming where I’m planted. When my heart is filled and at rest. Anytime I’m writing, giving, loving someone who means the world to me…sweet post Renee.

  2. First i have to say that i just smashed a mosquito to death at the ipad…and i had to pick some of its legs off from screen before i started my reply. Now its off, so: i like your way of looking at things, and good luck on helping your friend out of her down-phase!

    Well spoken words!

    • Glad you killed the damn mosquito. Hate those stupid things. And thanks for the comment. I try to be positive. But I’m no Pollyanna. I know life can suck. It’s not all shiny. But we have to stay positive. Even in the negative times….

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