I like to say the F word a lot. Does that make me a non-conformist?

I have a bit of a rebellious nature.-John Cusack

I like to think I am a non-conformist. That I don’t follow all the rules. That I’m a bit of a rebel. I like to think that. But then I realize that it must not be true. I mean I have a job, I’m married, I have children. I pay my taxes, I pay my bills. I have dreams, but they require money to build them, so it’s off to work I go….

When it comes to work, I do a good job. I’m not a typical office manager. I’m kind of mouthy. Kind of sparkly. Kind of a brat. I laugh like an idiot most days and you can hear it reverberate up and down the hallway. I might even do a bit of a rump shake in the hall, just to get a rise out of one of the IT guys. I tell it like it is. I swear. I realize that I put my pants on the same way that the profs do, so why should I treat them any differently than the bum on the street. I get annoying and loud, but hey it’s how I roll. I think my profs appreciate the fact that I’m friendly, resourceful. I get the job done, and with a smile on my face. I’m so ready to retire though. 5.5 more years. That’s it, then I’m done….

I was a rebellious momma. I was honest with my children about everything. I was mouthy to them too. Gave them hell when it was necessary but I never minced words. Still don’t. I let them know what’s up. I think they appreciate it. Hell I know they do. They tell me all the time that they like the way they were raised. With honesty and love. And lots of their momma spewing the F word. Hey, I like the word, fuck. It conveys every kind of emotion that I can possibly think of. The kids and their friends would laugh hysterically at me when I would say it in casual conversation.

I’m not a typical woman. Don’t want to be. I’m loud, passionate, abrasive. I smile a mischevious smile and I’m as sarcastic as fuck. I don’t want to be any other way. I want to be remembered for my outrageousness not for my conformity. I want your memories of me to be, well, memorable. I want my own memories of me to be memorable.

Harry (my BFF with a dick) calls me a Force of Nature. I think he says that because he’s scared of me. He never knows what I’m thinking or what crazy thing I’m going to do. That’s good though. I like to keep people guessing. It is the job of a passionate, rebellious, non-conformist to keep folks guessing. Isn’t it?

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