Mother’s Day, Creatopia and Fireball Jaw Breakers


After not much sleep and one of the Wonder Schnauzers jumping on my face to greet me this morning I decided I better get up and get ready for a fun day with Roger Darling and the kids. I have two wonderful, funny, talented, smart and generally amazing kids. They are my heart. They decided to surprise me this Mother’s Day with a fun gift. I pretended not to have any idea what it was. Secretly I wished it was to head to this cool little place in Plymouth called Creatopia. A pottery store where you can pick out your own little bit of art to decorate. They then fire it for you and you can pick up the piece a week later. I was super excited to learn that was exactly where we were going! Meg informed me that there was this groovy little store next door to it that sold nickle candy in bulk. I told her if that was the case I was going to throw myself into a vat of their suckers and just roll around in it for awhile. Suckers are my new go to sweet since I don’t eat chocolate anymore. Oh, and lovely Sweet Tarts. And big rolls of Smarties. And Sour Patch Kids. Wait, what was I talking about again? Oh yes, Creatopia…..

There was so much to choose from and since I have OCD and ADHD it took me FOREVER to decide what I wanted. The family was already painting theirs when I finally sat down with a large, lovely  bowl. “Think I’ll use it for fruit at Sandy Pines”, I told Roger. Of course the inside of it was going to purple. Meg just looked at me and shook her head. She has no idea why I love purple so much. I guess because it’s kind of a whorish color. No I’m not a whore at all. I’m just haughty. So it kind of goes with my personality. I looked around at my family sitting at the table, Roger and Adam on my left, and Meg and Claire on my right and thought about just how lucky I am. I was missing Chris, my future son in law. He had training for work so it was just the five of us instead of the usual six. I missed him so. He always adds such color to our conversations. He’s a super goof ball so he fits right in. Sometimes people get nostalgic for the original familial unit they used to have. I, on the other hand love that the six of us make a family. It just didn’t seem complete until there were the six of us.

As we worked on our little treasures, we chatted about life in general. We talked about family. About a wedding coming up in June that we’ll all be attending. What to wear, when to be there. That kind of thing. We laughed about farting and the F word. We tried really hard not to say it as there were children in the shop. I think I said Fucktard at least once. Roger told us a couple of times to clean up our mouths. I think I then proceeded to say oh shit and get pissy with Meggie for contaminating the glaze color of my bowl. She said she was sorry but then laughed while she said it. I really don’t think she was that sorry at all. Ha! Adam had taken a shower the night before, so he hadn’t done much to himself before we left. We laughed hysterically at the wings in his hair. He didn’t find it really that funny, but oh well. In this family if you look funny you get teased. It’s all in good fun though. Claire, the artsy fartsy one of our group was making tile coasters and having a lot of fun making different designs. I think one had a dinosaur on it. They should make for great conversation starters in the apartment that she and Adam will be moving to very soon.

Everyone was already done with their pieces and I was still putting different color polka dots on mine. I had to wait for the paint to dry so Roger and Meg headed next door to the candy shop. When I was finally done, Rog walked back in with a bag of lovely hard candy. He fed me a root beer barrel and he ate a squirrel nut goodie. His candy sounds dirty I know, but it really isn’t at all. I then got a red hot fireball jaw breaker. Talk about taking me back to my youth. I remember eating them in school and having the tears stream down my face when I was trying to hide that I was eating them from my teacher. I just love the burn of the cinnamon on my tongue. As we headed back to the car, I thanked the kids for a perfect day. It’s hard to believe my kids are 20 and 22. It’s hard to believe they don’t live in our house anymore. It’s hard to believe that we did such a good job of raising them. I don’t take that last sentence that I wrote lightly. And I’m not arrogant about it. I know that Roger and I are good parents. We’ve raised them to be good, funny and kind people. I’m so, so proud of them. I thank God for them every day.

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