OMG my face hurts! I know Honey, it’s killing me. Bahahahahahhaa!

Roger Darling and I headed to Sandy Pines for the first time this season. When we arrived we discovered we had no water. Seems the water line split and it had to be turned off at the riser. WONDERFUL! Oh well I’m a tough girl, I can handle one night without water. We have large bottles of it so we’ll just use that when we have to wash our hands and/or pee. Don’t worry we didn’t use the same water for both. Ha!

It was warm and there were storms all around us. Which was wonderful for sleeping, but not so much for keeping the windows open and getting fresh air. So on went the air conditioning. I was not happy about it. We slept fitfully because the stupid Wonder Schnauzers would not settle down. I don’t know how many times I sat up in bed and told them to shut the fuck up already!

We got up in the morning, made coffee and Roger set to fixing the water line. He proceeded to stab himself with the screwdriver. The man has a high tolerance for pain but NOT after he stabs himself! His sunny personality disappeared and he turned into Mr. Cranky Pants. I felt so bad for him. I do not like when Roger Darling is cranky. After 23 years I still get weary when he’s angry.

I then headed out for a run once that task was done. I stopped by my Mom and Bonnie’s place to check in and say hi. Mom looked at me and asked me what the hell was the matter with my face. I explained that I was allergic to tartar control toothpaste and now I had a lovely rash. Of course I forgot my face cream so I just had to keep washing it for it to heal.  Unfortunately after the run and weight training, my face was on fire!

Fortunately the day was warm and beautiful so that put us in a pretty decent mood. Roger with his swollen and bloody hand, and me with my rashy face.We decided to take a golf cart ride. We headed to the little store across the street for Diet Coke, Sour Patch Kids, and ibuprofen. Oh yes we did have the three Wonder Schnauzers with us too. We’re such a daring couple aren’t we?????

After the ibuprofen was taken, the candy eaten and the diet soda drunk, we felt so much better. Roger had a smile on his face again and so did I.  DSH was so sweet he even went and bought me some Tea Tree Oil to put on my face. It helped a bit. Our evening was so much better. We got to visit with some of our neighbors we hadn’t seen all winter. No one had a campfire, but the season really isn’t in full swing till Memorial weekend. So I blogged and Roger headed to the casino for a few hours.

The next morning the water line split again and there was water everywhere.  Roger and Mom headed to the park and garden shop and left Bonnie and I behind to chat, drink coffee, and listen to the Wonder Schnauzers bark and act like morons. After their return it was fixed in a jiffy and we had water again.

We then put together our new water pump which I promptly broke. I’m convinced it was made in China. As Roger started giving me hell about it he then broke another piece of it. He said it appears that Dumb and Dumber are trying to put the damn thing together. We laughed and decided this was not our best or most productive weekend in the Pines. But it was so much better than being at home.

Of course when we got home the comedy wasn’t over yet. Roger smashed into the new treadmill with both shins, I went to check on him and we stepped on each other’s feet. We just about took each other out. After we headed to bed I went to kiss him good night. We smashed each other in the jaw and one of the dogs tried to bite us. That was it. I lost it. I’m pretty sure I just laughed myself to sleep. And so did Roger Darling….

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