ABC Award from Maggie!!!!

“Every word I write is like a drop of my blood. If it’s flowed passionately and long, I need time to recover from the emotion spent before I began a new story. My characters are my life. I have to respectfully and carefully move between them.” ― Red Haircrow  (Of course I’d have to start this with a quote….)

I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude to Maggie( for this nomination. I can’t even tell you what it means to me! To actually have a PUBLISHED author like my writing and say that I make her laugh. Why that’s just the kindest, most wonderful compliment ever. Maggie your positive writing helps get me through my day. And by reading your blog and the blogs of others I’m learning so much. Not just about writing but about myself. And for that I’m very grateful.

The award asks recipients to name 26 alphabetical things about themselves and then nominate other blogger. So here it goes….

A = Alive. finally for the first time in years!

B = Bombshell-blonde hair, blue eyes, boobs and a booty.

C = Crazy. I know it and I own it!

D = Ditzy but I’m smart. It might take me a minute to get there, but I’ll get it!

E = Energetic. I run like crazy but when I crash leave me the hell alone!

F = Funny and filthy. I do believe I could make a sailor blush.

G = Gabby. I talk A LOT. And watch out when I’m jacked up on coffee!!!

H = Heart. I love with all of mine. If I love you, you better know I’m going to say it and show it!

I  = Individuality. I’m not afraid to stand out and say what’s on my mind.

J = Jeans. I’m finally wearing skinny ones. Never would have thought I could.

K = Kindness. I believe that everyone deserves love. Even assholes!

L = Liquor. I gave it up almost a year ago. It feels good to be sober.

M = Momma. I do believe that is the best thing I’ve ever been called. Oh and Music. I’m such a music whore!

N = Nail Polish. As in black and dark plum. No red for me. And only on my toes, thank you…

O = Orgasms. Because everyone should have one or two or as many as possible!

P = Perky. I wish I could say that about my boobs, but alas it is just my personality that is anymore… oh and Purple. LOVE purple!

Q = Quiet. It’s something I would like to be more of. I fear it for some reason.

R = Realist. Yes I’m a realist. A humanist but also a realist. I just want to say for fucks sake get over yourself already! And of course my Roger Darling….. I wouldn’t have nearly enough good stories if it wasn’t for him.

S = Sad. I am a lot of the time. I know I’m a walking contradiction. So SUE me! Be in my head for five minutes and you’ll understand.

T = Twilight. Not because of Edward. Though he is a groovy dead guy that I would totally do. But because of Bella. I completely identify with her. She’s broken and clumsy, but she knows exactly what she wants. AND she gets it!

U = Unsure of myself. I know, I know. But I really am.

V = Vagina. I don’t know why, but I love that word!

W = Woman. I am 32 Flavors and then some. I’m nobody, but I AM someone.

X = Xena the Warrior Princess. I’ve always wanted to be like her. I think I kinda am now. Giggle.

Y = Young. Wish I still was sometimes. Hey at least I can still act like I’m 12.

Z = Zest. I have a zest for life. I want to live every moment in the moment.

Now for the blogs I nominate… – This man makes me swoon with his lovely prose. I love every word he writes…. -Bird tells great stories about her life. She was one of my first followers. I love what she has to say. – Kyle is quite the poet and story teller. Be warned that he is quite graphic. But it is one of the things I really do like about him! – Stu I believe was one of my very first followers. I love his positivity. I know that’s not a word but as you’ve observed I do what I like, so I’m making up a word! – I’m new to her page but I’ve gotta say I’m enthralled with what I’ve read so far…. -I’ve just started following her. She’s a girl after my own heart. I can so identify with her…..

Please check these wonderful blogs out. You won’t be sorry! And Maggie thanks again for the nomination!

11 thoughts on “ABC Award from Maggie!!!!

  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! I was just sitting here reading and laughing and loving this post when I got to the very end and saw MY NAME!!!! How fantastic is that? Thank you so much, rheath! Your blog is one of my great new finds– I really love it.

    “Though he is a groovy dead guy that I would totally do” made me laugh insanely.

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