I think she’s the reason that I love Spingtime….

22 years ago today I gazed into my new born baby girl’s vibrant blue eyes and fell in love. With one look and touch I was gone. I’d been waiting for her to come for 36 hours. But really I’d been waiting for her all my life……

The day before she was born we had family over for dinner. As they arrived I announced that I was in labor. My whole family just looked at me like yeah, whatever dude, let’s eat. While everyone was eating, I was sitting there feeling contractions. They were sporadic. They would come every 10 minutes or so for about an hour. Then another wouldn’t come for 30 minutes. Needless to say I was a little frustrated. I was 10 months pregnant, huge, swollen and exhausted. I was ready for my girl to make her appearance. I wanted something to put in the crib that we had fought to put together over a month before. Meg’s room was all decorated in Winnie the Pooh. I wanted her to have a beautiful but simple room. Plus Pooh Bear and Christopher Robin had always been my favorites when I was growing up.

I was also scared. Here I was 22 years old and only married for 11 months. What the hell did I know about being a mom? I was still getting used to being a wife! And I was also wondering how in the hell I was going to push something the size of a watermelon out of something that was the size of an orange. Albeit, a really, really small orange!

The day progressed into night. The family left. The contractions kept coming. We went to bed, but I just couldn’t sleep. I tried to lay on my left side and just let nature take its course. For some reason laying on your left side during labor helps it progress. Unfortunately it also made it impossible to sleep. And I being the bratty wife I am, had to talk to Roger about it while he was trying to sleep.

Finally I said that’s it the contractions are like 10 minutes apart, we have to go to the hospital. Roger Darling dragged himself out of bed, we packed up and we were off. Only to be told I was dilated to two and I had to walk for an hour in the office corridor. So I walked and Roger slept on a bench. I then went back to triage and had them check me. I was STILL at 2 centimeters. We then had to go back home. It was two in the morning. When we got home, Roger crawled back into bed. I tried to sleep but the contractions were getting stronger. I laid on the couch in the living room and watched the hours tick by on the clock. I think I slept a bit but I was too anxious and in pain to really sleep well.

About six a.m. I told Roger I couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to go back. The contractions were stronger and more consistent. So off we went to the hospital again. In triage they announced I was dilated to five centimeters. There was no turning back. Our girl was going to arrive! Then my water broke, and with it all hell broke loose. I wasn’t one to do things slowly. She came an hour after that, with the doctor barely making it into the room to deliver her. She was all pink, purple, bloody, and beautiful. I knew love as soon as I saw her. I counted her fingers and toes. I kissed her head and called her Megan. She cried. The first of many, many, many cries….

She’s all grown up now. Paying her bills, living on her own, making her own way. She’s a beauty, she’s smart, she’s a charmer and she’s my girl. Sometimes when we’re out and about I quietly observe her and see the young woman I used to be. All I can think is WOW, our love made that. How lucky are we?

15 thoughts on “I think she’s the reason that I love Spingtime….

  1. Love this….and I hope more than anything that your Meggy reads it and feels so loved and blessed that it takes her breath away. I highly doubt that either of my parents have EVER felt that way about me, and I can’t count the number of times that I’ve wished they did…just once…

    • Believe me honey she knows how well she is loved. I make sure to tell her every time I talk to her. She and her brother are the air that I breathe. They are the reason I wake up every morning. They are what complete me. They drive me crazy but then I drive them crazy. I am proud of them to the point of tears some days. They are my everything. AND I better be nice to them because they’ll pick out my nursing home. It better be kick ass is all I’m sayin’. And Tracy girl, I LOVE YOU that much. Your parents may have never said it but I will constantly say it to you. You are an amazing woman and girl I LOVE YOU! You were meant to be here.

  2. oh wow, this story just blew open the floodgate of memories with my oldest kid. All the trips to the hospital, getting up at 4am on the real offical big day….sigh. I wish I can just turn back the clock, in a ghost form, and watch the whole experience all over again. I find it funny that my wife was also counting toes and fingers when she received him..lol. I’m guessing it was in some kind of pregnancy handbook? We also did the Winnie the Pooh theme for his bedroom and bathroom. Kids are just so darn precious. Gratz on your long journey as a mom!

    • Thanks so much for the kind comments. I’m glad you liked what I wrote. I have another story to tell in July about my son’s birth. It was quite a trip too. And I do believe you are right about counting fingers and toes. I think it’s a given to check and make sure all the parts are there. Kids are wonderful, dirty, fun, hard and precious. They are everything…. And much love to you and your fam as well….

      • lol, thats too funny, and she did also check for symmetry!
        I recall that is all she did during her pregnancy, nonstop reading of books and magazines on birth! It used to drive me insane, especially when she tried to force me to read some of those materials. I think I made a rude comment to that and she started to cry 😦 So I did what any reasonable loving husband would do in this situation. Grab the biggest(width & height wise) birth magazine and read my cycling magazine inside it..lol. I’ll be sure to check out your blog on your son’s birth.

      • Oh my that’s funny. I actually didn’t read any birth books because the first one I started reading discussed the topic of evolution. Thus the reason for our babies being born hairy. I promptly threw it in the garbage and just winged it. Ha!

      • OMG…both my kids were hairy as an ape when they came out!!! So what is the reason why they are so furry? I completely forgot about this question.

      • It was in the Dr. Spock book and it was supposedly because we are descended from apes. I’m not an evolutionist so I was not into anything else that the man had to say. I think Roger Darling and I did okay for not having read a manual….

      • I think I concluded, they need all the body hair in order for them to come out with ease. Since all the hair follicles run axialy along direction of the exit vector, it only makes sense you need a feature that will hold “lube” for efficient discharge. I think all that hair acts like a big wet sponge. I don’t know, that was my hypothesis anyway. Its getting late and I appologize for my rambling when I get this way 😦

      • No apology necessary. I think you are exactly right about what the hair was for. I’m just glad they lost it all when they were little…

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