What could be better than a biker funeral??

I’d rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God than sitting in church thinking about my motorcycle.– Anonymous

On Thursday morning I woke up at the usual time, 6 am. I showered, dried off, found my cute black undies and my purple VS bra. Threw those on and then instead of putting on a dress or dress slacks, I put on some kick ass jeans and a gorgeous Harley Davidson t-shirt. My friend Joanne let me borrow one of hers since I didn’t want to be a poser and go buy one. I’m not a Harley owner yet and it just seemed sacrilegious to go buy one. I threw on some combat boots for good measure and headed out the door armed with a cup of coffee, my book bag, and a coat. I saw Romey in the hall on my way in and he gave me a cute grin and said, “nice shirt.” I have to admit it did feel kinda bad ass wearing a Harley shirt to work. Plus it made my old boobs look fabulous.

We left work about 10:30, Jade, Jay, Jerome, Kari and I. We were on our way to Walled Lake to support Kevin, one of our dear co-workers. After many long years battling poor health, his dad had finally lost the war of his life.

As we were traveling along we talked about work, our families, silly shit that we have to deal with in our jobs. We were all clad in leather jackets and/or Harley regalia. I told them all, that this is the kind of funeral I like to go to. This is a celebration of life. It’s the way it should be. Don’t dress up, be normal, talk about the person like they’re still with us…..

We got to the cemetery and ended up at the wrong entrance. We goaded Jerome into driving on the sidewalk to get to the right entrance. He ended up doing just that and we all laughed hysterically. We parked and departed the car. The mood was somber, but it wasn’t morbid. People were just standing around talking, and waiting for Kevin, his father, and Kevin’s brother. All of a sudden we heard the roar of the Harleys so we knew that they were close by. We saw them as they entered the cemetery. Kevin in front, Dad in a hearse in the middle, and his brother bringing up the rear.

I watched with rapt wonder as Kevin dismounted his dad’s Harley. I was wondering how he was going to handle all that was going around him. There’s something about watching a big man with a gentle heart, fall apart.  His piercing blue eyes were covered by mirrored sunglasses. He directed the pallbearers to pick up their precious cargo and place him on the casket lowering device. The service started with a prayer and then the boys spoke. It was refreshing really. It was nice to hear from Kevin and his brother. How they felt, and how they loved their father. I’d never met the man before but found myself becoming emotional listening to Kevin talk about what a great father he had. How he’d taught “him” to be a good father. I then watched him kneel down and hold his son so close while his daughter put her arms around his neck and held on. This man with arms like tree trunks, all tatted up and dressed in leather, being so gentle and strong with a crying boy that was missing his grandfather so. All of us just stood there and wept.

After the service and final prayer, the Harley Davidson casket that housed Kevin’s father was lowered into the ground, and the casket lowering device removed. The vault was sealed and shovels were brought to the boys. They then started shoveling the dirt over him. Kevin did a few shovels but his emotions got to him and he knew that he needed to be with his children. He held them and talked to them as their uncle kept shoveling. Kevin’s nephew, and a few family friends continued burying him. I’ve never seen anything like that. It was so final, and such an ending. I dare say it was good for closure.

Kevin is back to work now. We talked a bit yesterday. He seems to be doing okay but I’m sure he has his moments. I told him that I thought the send off they had for their father was wonderful. That it should be family and friends that eulogize us. He said that it was what they wanted. That they did it right. I have to say I completely agree. It was a beautiful……..

9 thoughts on “What could be better than a biker funeral??

    • What a fabulous idea Lisa. I want most of my service to be based around music that I love. The kids have already informed me that they will be the first selection. It is Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead from the Wizard of Oz. It’s a good thing I know they’re kidding. 🙂

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