A funny thing happened when we were buying toothpaste yesterday

So Roger and I went to Family Dollar yesterday to buy some toiletries and such.  I wanted to buy a really cute maxi dress too. I know you probably shouldn’t buy dresses from a dollar store but dammit I’m cheap and the dress was just so damn cute. I figured even if I wore it once and it fell apart I got my moneys worth out of it. Plus I can pretty much wear any size I want now so what the hell!

As I was wandering around, I came across a t-shirt I just had to buy. It said, I would like to apologize in advance for my bad behavior. The word behavior was all pink and sparkly. Roger was goofing off in another part of the store, so I put it on and started calling out to him that I’d found something else I wanted to buy. I came around the corner and asked him what he thought. He just smiled and said, “Honey you’ve never apologized for your bad behavior before, so why start now?” We laughed like hyenas until the other people in the store started staring at us. Which I don’t care about. Stare at me, I don’t give a shit really. But Rogie is kinda uptight.

I then handed him the shirt, which was also cheap and we headed to the register to pay. He bought the shirt and the toothpaste along with the other items in his basket. I bought the maxi dress and a couple of cotton candy gourmet suckers. Of course before I could check out I saw that they had some Disney Princess socks that I had to buy. So I had to get out of line and look at all the other socks, because of course you know sock weather is coming soon. NOT! Roger then left me in the store! I took that as my cue to get through checkout and get in the damn car or I was going to have to run home. So I made my purchase and headed out the door. I can honestly say I can’t wait for Friday. Not because it’s the end of the week, but because I get to wear my ridiculous new shirt to work. I just hope I don’t run into the Dean. I don’t think she’d find it amusing.

2 thoughts on “A funny thing happened when we were buying toothpaste yesterday

    • Thanks Terry. Shopping is always fun. But what’s better is shopping with Roger and finding some ridiculously random item to buy. I love the fact that my husband is the shopper and I’m not. I’m more of a guy when it comes down to that. I just want to get what I want and get the hell on my way. He’ll look at every item just to see if he needs it. Drives me crazy! But good crazy. 🙂

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