The Lost Art of Conversation

A conversation goes sometimes into personal things and that’s nicer. You look to each other and you have a different picture, you get into a relationship. –Maximilian Schell

Put down the fucking phone for the love of God and look at me when you speak to me!!!!! I love technology but when we’re having a conversation, put your phone on vibrate. I don’t know how many times I had to tell my kids that there were to be no cell phones or texting during dinner. Or when we we’re having a family discussion, or even a Come to Jesus meeting. You look at a person when you speak, you do not then get a text and look at that when we are mid conversation. It drives me out of my damn mind when people do this. Am I not important enough to ignore the chime on your phone? Last time I checked you weren’t a doctor, so you aren’t that damn important! Oh and my kids now give me hell if I pick up MY phone during dinner to look at a text. They just tell me I’m being rude. I’m kind of glad they do that. It brings me back to reality. And makes me realize what I’ve said to them in the past mattered.

Technology has killed the good conversation, the family unit, and the ability for a person to walk in public without smashing into something. I’m a technology fiend. I have a Kindle, a cell phone, an Ipod, a computer, a laptop, a tablet, and a host of other gadgets to distract my already scattered brain. But I’m telling you there is nothing I love more than a good conversation. Unfortunately I’m not exactly good at them anymore. I write better than I speak. Which is unfortunate because I love to talk. About everything….

I love the fact that Roger Darling and I have been married almost 23 years and we still have the best conversations. We talk about everything. It’s nice. I see most older couples sitting in restaurants and they don’t speak two words to each other during a meal. How sad that is. Roger and I blab each others faces off. Especially when there are no distractions. Just the two of us. It’s nice, it’s healing, it bonds us even more. I love it when we are long car trips, we’ve got the radio on and I’m singing in between snippets of conversation. Ah, I love it….

Sundays in the salon are especially good too. I’m with my goth goddesses and we are beautifying our lovely doggies. But in between we talk about everything. Life, love, death, family, tattoos, sex. Oh hell, we talk about it all. They are sweethearts and I just love them. It’s fun to impart my motherly wisdom on them. Albeit my outlook is a little skewed but they seem to like it. And it’s nice to know I still think like a 17 year old young woman. That may be wrong but dammit I really don’t give a shit. Age is merely a number. It doesn’t mean anything to me….

So my darlin’s put down your phone, computer, kindle or any other damn device you’re using and strike up a conversation. Find out something new about someone you love. Dig deep or stay on the surface of a subject. But talk, talk, talk, look at that person, and learn……

10 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Conversation

  1. This is so true, we are a speaking species. We communicate ideas through words. Language enabled us better to cooperate and therefore succeed. We remain connected vocally if we are going to continue the connection that brought us together. πŸ™‚

    • We miss too much of this life staring at our phones. I know I’m guilty of it too. It’s one reason why I don’t get the internet on my phone. I would never be focused on a damn thing if I had it. We all need to work hard to keep the human interaction going. Our kids really need to know the importance of communicating with adults….

      • I know, I have the internet on my phone so I’m not only checking email, I’m checking FB and I have a WordPress app on my phone too so I’m check my stats from it. I have to say though my younger daughter is the one more likely to just call me from college rather than have a text conversation. I think my older one is like me…we’re always doing so much at one time that we rely on texting conversations.

    • I completely agree sleepy girl. We need to show interest by keeping our mouths shut, listening and giving our full attention. In turn the person we’re talking to us should do the same….

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