I will always be a 17 year old girl

It takes courage to grow up and become who you truly are….-e.e. cummings

I know I will be that girl. The one so full of promise. Of dreams. Of hope. Of wonderment. The one that wears the clothes that are trendy and low cut. Who laughs and cries at inappropriate times. Who sees herself as pretty but not beautiful. Who can’t take a compliment. Who loves too hard and hangs on too tight. Who makes decisions with her heart and not with her head. Who’d rather lay in bed all day, read a book and cuddle with her puppies than be a grown up. Yes I will always be that girl. I’ve had her with me forever it seems. I love her. She is me. I’m proud of her. She’s become what she wanted to be. And I know I wouldn’t have it any other way….

2 thoughts on “I will always be a 17 year old girl

  1. Someone once said that when a child grows up he must put away childish things. What that person never said was – that we can always get them back out again when we want! 🙂

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