What a difference a year makes (part 8…..)

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” –Unknown

So I didn’t make my goal of 150 lbs of weight loss after 52 weeks, yet…. I made it to 140 lbs of weight loss. Oh gee, I think I can handle that! I do need a good sports bra though, because when I run, it kills what’s left of my boobies…. I eat like a vegan most of the time, but I’m still an active carnivore so I’ll eat me a big steak a couple times a month. Yuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm steak…. Cheating in this new lifestyle is eating a big steak with a baked potato with real butter and sour cream and grilled vegetables. And maybe a couple bites of garlic bread. I’m not saying that I’m not going to eat a piece of cheesecake, or something with caramel in it (my favorite flavor), or suckers, or pasta or any of that stuff. I just don’t want to make my life about food. I want to make my life about, well, my life….. There’s so much to do, to be, to love…. I’m going to run up the steps of a Mayan Temple in December for God sake! Oh and I got another tat, just to get under my husband’s skin a bit. Har!

I’m running my first 5K on April 15 at the Big House. What a thrill it will be to cross the finish on the 50 yard line. Roger told me I may not be able to run the whole thing, but he knows I’ll finish. He knows I’m stubborn that way, that I finish what I start. He’ll be there to cheer me on. And my BFF Becky will be running with me, and hopefully my Adam Boy. I’m hoping that this 5K won’t be my last….

Roger Darling says I look marvelous, and I think he does too. Meggie and Adam Boy love that I’m happy, that we’re happy. That we’re the fun mom and dad still, just without all the fat. We’re the loud family, we discuss things fervently, fight it out to get our points across, we hug and then the conversation ends with declarations of love. I like that we’re still like that….

6 weeks of stabilization scares me a bit. I know that I have to keep up on this, forever. Worried about adding food into my diet that I haven’t eaten in a year. Bacon, beans, cheese, just to name a few. Moderation is the key, but I’ve never been one for moderation. I am an addict after all. I’m hoping that with the removal of the nutritional supplements and adding more oil I’ll be able to poop without having to do a full session of yoga first. Gross I know, but hey it’s been an issue for the last year. Soy supplements are not my friend. Ha!

So my dears if you want change your life, do it. Make that decision, take that first step. I guarantee it is the hardest one to take, but once you find your momentum you won’t want to stop till you achieve your goal. It’ll help you find your spark, your passion, and your happiness. Remember as it radiates from you it will travel to those around you, and it may just create a spark in them……

2 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes (part 8…..)

  1. How absolutly amazing you are! Well done you! Your courage and honesty really move me. Thank you for writing about it all, especially the non shiny stuff. I’m thrilled you got another tattoo–go girl!

    • Oh girl it wasn’t always shiny. It still isn’t but I’m telling you it so much more brilliant that it used to be. Life is good. My smile is finally genuine. My heart is good too. I want to share my experience and let people know that even though it was difficult, every damn thing I did was worth it….. Thanks for reading, dear reader….

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