What a difference a year makes (Part 3)

There is no try, there is only do.–Yoda

It’s July 8, 2011.

Back from vacation.

Made it through the week without cheating.

Except for the alcohol.

But finally have decided to let it go.

No more excuses…..

Tired of being sick.

All the damn time.

Wonder of wonders, the weight comes off faster.

Down over 50 lbs.

Rediscovering passion…

Rediscovering me.

Still dealing with sadness.

But happier, for the most part.

Feel horrible for disappointing Roger Darling.

Still loving him, but distancing myself from him…

Walking like crazy.

Feeling the urge to run.

In more ways than one.

2 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes (Part 3)

  1. Oh Renee…..this is great, I love that you are blogging about every step of your journey. My god look at these pictures….what an amazing transformation!

    I’m so incredibly proud of you sweetie! I know very well how hard this is…but look you are a much stronger woman than you ever though you were. Congrats on ALL of your accomplishments through this journey.

    Love you girl! {hugs}

    • Oh honey thanks so much for your comments. I know you’ve been by my side for this incredible time in my life. It hasn’t been easy but with the support of you and my other angels I have made it through. I know that I will never, ever, ever be unhealthy again. I’m never going to be a skinny minnie. That’s not what this transformation was about. It was to be healthy and happy. I think I’m getting there. I love you for following me and being such a dear, sweet friend. (Hugs and Kisses Back at Ya Babe!)

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