As Beck Says, We’re Like Sex in the City, but Without the City

I have three super, awesome, and amazing BFFs. We were all swim mommas at one time. Our kids were fish, pool rats, tiger sharks, Indians. We watched them grow from tad poles to sharks before our eyes. We grew as friends and an extended family right along with them….

I met the lovely, earthy Sarah (Miranda) when Meggie was 9 years old. She was the Tiger Sharks coach. She was down to earth, no nonsense, friendly but guarded. She and her husband lived at the pool, I think. 🙂 I wasn’t sure if we’d ever be friends but I was impressed with the way she handled the kids during practice. They listened to her, looked up to her and really took what she taught them to heart. Adam would go with us to the meets, complaining of boredom the entire time. So the next Tiger Sharks season we put his butt in the pool too. There he became friends with Sarah’s two sons Andrew and Alden. They’re all a bunch of weirdos so it was a perfect match. So because our children were friends we became friends.

Over the years I’ve come to love Sarah, she is the kind of friend that you think is so darn tough but really is a gentle soul. She has told me point blank when she’s pissed about something, and I’ve learned to just give it right back. She respects that about a person. She doesn’t like a whiny baby! She has been an integral part of my kids lives. She has taught them discipline, fairness, duty, loyalty and love. I hope that I have done the same for her kids. I do love them as my own.

Then there’s Miss Kathy (Charlotte). What to say about my love, Kath. She is our June Cleaver. Loves a clean house, catering to her families needs, and LOVES her husband fiercely. Tim and Kathy make us sick with all the lovey doveyness they still have for each other after 23 years of marriage. Ryan, Andrew and Adam were BFFs for all of middle school, and high school so we grew as friends over the years. I’ve come to love her and trust her. She’s a sweet, sweet woman who will stop at nothing to take care of her family and friends. She’s got a dirty mind and filthy mouth and by God I love that about her! Our kids have fallen away from each other over the years, but we are still the best of friends. I would trust her with my life and I know that if I ever needed anything, she would be right there to help me. I’m telling you sometimes the family you choose can complete you more than your blood family.

Now onto my dear Becky (Samantha). She’s just a younger version of me with a little more redneck thrown in. I love that she’s a Westland girl. I feel I’ve got some kind of street cred when I hang out with her. She’s a bad ass and mouthy, and will tell you point blank if you’re being a dumb ass. She’s been married since she was 16, but she’s proven time and again that she’s in love with that wonderful down to earth husband of hers. And her kids know straight up not to mess with her. She may be a young mom, but she’s tough and she is not their friend. We call her youngest child Mini Megan, because she acts just like my baby girl. We are very proud of that fact though. We’ve raised tough, strong, independent women that have a gentle side. They’re just like their mommas, by God! I swear to you this woman is my sister, we even look alike…..

And of course I’m Carrie, only because I’m the writer. I’ve been with my Mr. Big for almost 23 years. We have a happy little life. We have these wonderful friends and their wonderful kids to call our own. And I know they feel the same about us. We started out as the swim parents. Watching our kids during practice, cheering at meets, organizing events, and feeding and watering all those hungry swimmers. Somewhere along the way we became a family. I know I will always love them and they will always love us. We will have each others backs, fronts, sides, and hearts. We go months sometimes without seeing each other, but then we get together and it’s like we’ve never lost any time.

I love these women. They complete me. We are all so different, but we are so much the same….. I. Just. Love. Them…..

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