Why she runs…..

Run like hell and get the agony over with.
–Clarence DeMar

She sets her sights on the treadmill knowing that she’d rather be outside, breathing in the fresh air and limbering up for the 2.5 mile run that has become her ritual. She’s got on her tightest yoga pants, a t-strap tank shirt, her bright red bra straps visible, and kick ass running shoes. She straps her Ipod to her left bra strap because it’s sturdy and she know that the mp3 player won’t go flying off while she pushes her body to it’s limit. She starts out slowly on the treadmill focusing on the world outside that she can see through the picture windows of the gym. She cranks up the Foo Fighters and listens as the sound goes from the player to the purple, cheetah print headphones, into her ears. She hears Dave Grohl screaming Free Me Right Now, but sometimes she swears she hears Dave singing directly to her, RUN BITCH RUN!!!!!!! It’s as if he’s saying this is all for you, this is your time, this is your freedom. She cranks the speed up on the machine and just keeps going….. She’s nearing the completion of her first mile. As she peers out of the picture window, she views the stop sign at the end of the drive way by the gym. She focuses on the work she has done to better herself, and change her life in the last year. She remembers when she and her husband started walking the year before. That it was grueling to even walk a 1/2 mile. Now she’s running, pushing herself, making herself stronger, and changing her body and mind. She’s almost finished running her second mile. She’s sweating and kind of fatigued but exhiliarated too. Dave is still screaming his delicious, incredible lyrics in her ears. The second mile is completed and it’s time to slow down a bit, get that heart rate a little lower…. She smiles to herself and thinks about the 5K that she wants to run in the Spring. How she knows she’ll be able to do it now. How she will be able to do even more after that one. She’ll keep setting goals, push herself, make herself hurt, but it will ultimately make her stronger. With cool down complete she steps off the treadmill, skin warm and flushed, sweat glistening on her brow, feeling so accomplished. She knows she’s turned her life around and never, ever wants to go back to who she was before……

2 thoughts on “Why she runs…..

  1. Exhilerating stuff! Visceral even. Completely get the post. Committment, desire, grit, determination – these are all prerequisits to achieving our goals, as are courage, resourcefulness and resilience. This should act as a great motivator to any that are standing on the edge of change hesitating before stepping off the cliff. Sometimes we think we are falling when in fact we are flying. Stu πŸ™‚

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