Put down the Goddamn Cheetos Nancy, for Christ Sake you have 4 asses!


My name is Matt Foley and I am your motivational speaker. I live in a van down by the river.–Chris Farley

Sooooo I’ve gone through this incredible transformation in the last 46 weeks. I have gone from 325 lbs. to 190 lbs. I’ve lost it quickly but in a healthy way using the Medical Weight Loss Clinic program. Check them out at mwlc.com. They saved my life for sure. Well, actually I saved my life, I just gave myself over to the program and followed it. I’ve been sure to document my progress on my FB page sharing status updates and photos. I’ve had lots of great feedback. But I’ve also had the people that have come to me and said I was their inspiration to get off their asses and change their lives. That is such a heavy burden for me to bear. I wanted to be inspired, to have my friends be my cheerleaders, to share the greatest journey that I have ever embarked on. Yesterday I was feeling especially sarcastic and pissy so I posted the following status update.

Was feeling a little snarky today till I saw Frank M.’s status update. Decided I need to go out and GRAB some world just like he suggests. šŸ™‚ You’re the only one that can decide to change your life. I did that 46 weeks ago. I put down the Goddamn Cheetos, went on a regimented diet, and lost 4 asses. I’m not saying life is perfect, it’s not. I’ve got issues that have come back to me now that I’m not dealing with the weight. But I’ve surrendered and gotten more help. I can be your inspiration, but you are the ultimate inspiration. YOU. You have to make that decision to move ahead or stand still…..

I just felt so overwhelmed. Who am I really? I’m just a girl, who decided with the help of a loving husband that life could be better. That I could be better. I remember telling Roger that I didn’t know if I could stay on the program. But I did. He did. We did. And we are so much healthier for it. We try not to think about the time we lost. We try to think about the fact that we’ve made a new ending to our beginning. It won’t be easy keeping this weight off, but we can do it. We have goals set before us. The world is open to us. There are still issues that have to be dealt with. Such as feeling good in my new skin, trying not to fucking do everything that I didn’t do in the last 13 years in one day, loving the life I have, not being so damn impulsive and being content.Ā  But eh, I can do anything. And darlin’ don’t ever tell me I can’t do something because I will go through Hell, and move Heaven and Earth to prove you wrong.

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